I started to take up running in Feb 2007. Actually, I didn’t plan on becoming a runner. I was only using walking/jogging/running as my aerobic workout as an adjunct for my weight training. I initially limited myself to the treadmill for a few weeks, however, when I started to run on roads… I was hooked! I’ve joined some road races (both registered and unregistered), and I can say, it’s all I want to do now! So what started out as my adjunct workout, became my primary workout! Weight training is now just an adjunct to my running!

So why the loony runner? Because what else could be loonier than running? You tire yourself out, usually alone, to make yourself feel refreshed… relaxed… now isn’t that loony? 🙂 keep on running!


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  1. Nice to meet you loonyrunner. It was a pleasure to run with you. I guess we have the same pace (actually Im slower). Hope to see you in the next race. THink and plan for The North face 20k trail running. It will be a great experience. If not, Manila Milo Marathon in August. All the best bro!.

  2. ibanrunner… yeah! It was great running with you. Yup, will be thinking about the TNF… Keep on training, see you at the races!

  3. hi loonyrunner,

    let’s join TNF, don’t worry about where to stay. you can stay in my apartment which is about 40 minutes to evercrest, the start/finish line of TNF…

  4. hey hihgaltitude… thanks for the invite. I’ll think about it, depends on how my schedule is for that week. Thanks 😀

  5. Hi Loonyrunner,

    Just started joining races in May, 2008. I went back to the gym Jan, 2008, after a hiatus of 2 years due to an achilles tendinitis injury. I promised myself I’ll get back into shape after a really sluggish December. Got into running because many of friends got interested in it and I’m similarly hooked. I’m still slow — looks like there is no other way to get fit except a slow burn through the paces — but my goal is to first get below 30 minutes for a 5K. I’m running again Sunday at the La Salle run — maybe this time I’ll get below 30 minutes.

    Hope to catch you in person one day and maybe get more tips from you experienced runners.

  6. johnny… wow! you’ve just started and you’re already racing 🙂 and you’re getting better at it!

    Yup, running is addictive. And what’s great with it is that running also tends to help improve your performance in other sports… like golf 🙂

    I’ll be running at La Salle too, so might see you there. Thanks for visiting this site, you have a nice blog too 😀

  7. Hi, loonyrunner!

    Thank you for visiting my blogsite. It means a lot to me. You’re absolutely right. Running definitely improved my performance in tennis. I won’t be running tomorrow but hope to see you in Aug. 3 at the Milo Marathon. Good luck!

  8. hi nora! Congratulations on the improved tennis game 😀 Yup, I like reading your blog, you have very inspiring posts. Thanks also for visiting and commenting in mine 😀 See you at the races!

  9. hi sir!
    can you pls hepl us promote our event in your site?

    “PMI … Proudly 60! … Run”
    September 21, 2008

    Venue: UP CAMPUS
    Registration fee: P250.00 inclusive of a race singlet and number.


    10K (OPEN)
    1ST-: 10,000 and medal
    2ND: 7,000 and medal
    3RD: 5,000 and medal
    4th: 3,000 and medal
    5th: 2,000 and medal

    1ST-: 10,000 and medal
    2ND: 7,000 and medal
    3RD: 5,000 and medal
    4th: 3,000 and medal
    5th: 2,000 and medal


    1st: 1,500 and medal
    2nd: 1,000 and medal
    3rd: 500 and medal

    15 AND BELOW:
    16 to 20:
    21 to 25:
    26 to 30:
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    36 to 39:
    40 to 45:
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    56 and Above

    5K (Exclusive for PMI students and staff only)
    1ST-:5,000 and trophy/medal
    2ND: 3,000 and trophy/medal
    3RD: 2,000 and trophy/medal
    4th: 1,000 and trophy/medal
    5th: 500 and trophy/medal

    1ST-:5,000 and trophy/medal
    2ND: 3,000 and trophy/medal
    3RD: 2,000 and trophy/medal
    4th: 1,000 and trophy/medal
    5th: 500 and trophy/medal

    3K (Exclusive for PMI students and staff only)
    1ST: 3,000 and trophy/medal
    2ND: 2,000 and trophy/medal
    3RD: 1,000 and trophy/medal
    4th: 800 and trophy/medal
    5th: 500 and trophy/medal

    1ST: 3,000 and trophy/medal
    2ND:2,000 and trophy/medal
    3RD:1,000 and trophy/medal
    4th: 800 and trophy/medal
    5th: 500 and trophy/medal


    You may register at the UP Bikers Tambayan, beside the kiosk near the AS parking lot and in front of the Faculty Center. Look for Christian: 0919-5116929 or Deposit your registration fee at this acct.;

    Czar Sabino Manlicmot, BPI Acct no. 3150-0035-62, and fax your
    registration form at 9222649

    Bernz Varona: 0917-8344425
    Thumbie o. Remigio: 0916-3858322

  10. Hi! I’d like to invite you to our running bloggers meet up. If you’re interested, can you please send me your contact details thru nesa@protege.com.ph so that I could coordinate the schedule with you.

    Thanks! And I hope to hear from you soon!

  11. Hello!

    My name is Lisa Kelley, I’m the Digital PR Manager at Feed Company. I found your running blog through the Complete Running Blog Network. Since you are such a passionate runner, I thought you would be interested in the following videos. Please post on your blog and share with all of your friends! All of the information is below. Thanks!! (If you end up posting on your site — shoot me an email with the link!)

    – Lisa Kelley

    Carl and Karl Underwood love running.

    They love marathons, half-marathons, and half-half-marathons. They love 5Ks, 10ks, and think 401Ks sound pretty fun. They think cross-country, steeplechase, and the first 90% of pole vaulting aren’t too bad, either.

    The Underwood brothers are Running’s #1 Superfans and their mission is to share their love of running with the world.

    Check out Carl and Karl as they celebrate the many virtues of running with anyone who will listen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsoAQwhKKm0&feature=channel_page

    Check out other Carl and Karl Underwood videos here: http://www.youtube.com/runningsuperfans

    Lisa Kelley – Digital PR Manager
    Feed Company
    (o) 323-469-3052

  12. Hi sir,

    I saw your blogsite and noticed in the picture that you were wearing a GIG Run singlet. We would like to invite you again this year for the GIG Run 09. This will be held at UP Diliman Campus, on June 28, 2009.

    You might also be interested in helping us plug the event, to incite more participants in joining. This year, proceeds of the run will go to the Ipo Dam Watershed Reforestation efforts and the Padyak Project Foundation of the UP Mountaineers.

    For more information about the GIG Run 09, you may email ask@thegigrun.org or email me at celinamariecruz@gmail.com.

    Thank you and we hope to see you there!:)

    Celina Cruz
    UP Mountaineers

  13. Dear Runner and Blogger,

    Ateneo’s Collegiate Society of Advertising (COSA) will be having its first-ever Fun Run on January 24, 2010 (Sunday) at the Ateneo campus grounds called, “RUN AGAINST THE ELEMENTS: Ateneo COSA Fun Run 2010” (3/5/10K) with our slogan: Stand Up to Climate Change. We have partnered with social entrepreneur, Illac Diaz, who started “Design Against the Elements.” This is an international design competition that responds to the call for social and climate adaptation by building sustainable homes. This was launched to international architects last June 16, 2009 at the Institute of International Education (IIE) at the United Nations Plaza in New York with the support of the IIE, the Philippine Consulate, Gov. Lray Villafuerte, Gawad Kalinga, United Architects of the Philippines and My Shelter Foundation.

    We are going beyond the spirit of volunteerism. By choosing Design Against the Elements as the cause for our fun run, we will also be promoting its anthem, “Stand Up”, a collaboration of 50 of the Philippines’ finest artists like Kjwan, Cookie Chua, Karl Roy, Jett Pangan, Noel Cabangon, Barbie Almalbis, Migs Escueta, etc. We are asking for your help in the simultaneous online release of the video we (Ateneo COSA) are creating for the song. This unreleased single will be launched online via a video which will be sent to you on TUESDAY for posting on your blogs. TUESDAY (OCT 27) is the targeted date, so if you would like to help us promote this global campaign and fun run event, please do post this video on your blogs.

    We hope you help us in promoting ACTION against and not just mere AWARENESS regarding climate change. Climate change is here and now—we want to be able to properly handle another calamity like Ondoy next time. Don’t we?

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Ally Lim
    Project Head

  14. Dear loony runner,

    WHAT : National Geographic Channel’s Earth Day Run

    WHEN : April 18, 2010, Sunday, 5:30 a.m.

    WHERE : SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City

    WHO : Students, athletes, celebrities, professionals and media are invited to participate in this exciting fun run.

    In celebration of Earth Day’s 40th Anniversary, National Geographic Channel is excited to announce its very first NatGeo Earth Day Run on April 18, 2010 at the SM Mall of Asia. This fun run is open to all interested runners who are willing to participate in the 3k, 5k and 10k races.

    Proceeds will go to building sustainable eco villages to withstand environmental disasters like last year’s Ondoy flooding and to support a global competition to rebuild climate resilient communities designed for a greener environment.

    Through this event, NatGeo aims to promote Earth Day and its global mission to inspire people to care about the planet. Help save the environment. Join the NatGeo Earth Day Run!

    Those who are not participating in the races can still come. Breakfast will be served and interviews with the winners will be held after the awarding ceremonies.


    For more details, please call 635-9355-60 and look for Glaiza Porneso (loc 160); fax: 635-0516.

    Thank you so much!

    thanks for the invitation! sounds like a great race… with a great purpose. will try to be there. thanks! 😀

  15. The University of the Philippines Industrial Engineering Club

    Asia Brewery



    invite you to join

    Make every route greener
    on March 27, 2011
    in Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang

    1.5km (for 12 years old and below)/ 3km / 6km / 12km

    Registration fee:
    1.5km – 300php // 3km – 350php // 6km – 400php // 12km – 450php
    (RACE KIT includes: Event Singlet, Race bib and stub for 20% off on regular priced New Balance item)

    UP Students may register at the UP IE Club Tambayan (3rd flr, Melchor Hall)

    You may also register online at http://runnersrunner.com/luntirun
    Check out our FACEBOOK page at http://facebook.com/luntirun

    Other registration sites are:
    – SECONDWIND stores (45 Malingap St. Teachers Village, QC || Ortigas Home Depot, PASIG CITY)
    – NEW BALANCE shops (Festival Mall, Alabang || Shangri-la Plaza); Saturdays and Sundays
    – BIKE KING PHILIPPINES (Bonifacio High Street)

    – MJ46 Factory Outlet (Bicutan)

    – The Village Sports Club (BF Homes Parañaque)

    (Registration is until March 20 only!)

    This event is for the benefit of the Isko Cleans UP, a project to implement solid waste management in the University of the Philippines – Diliman.

    For inquiries, contact MIMI LUCAS at 09178158227 or email us at luntirun@gmail.com .

  16. Hi Loonyrunner,


    We will be having a fun run event on May 29, 2011 and we were wondering if its possible for us to advertise it here in your blogsite? 😀

    Thank you.

  17. Hi Loonyrunner!

    Just sharing with you the video that I saw on Youtube just a while ago. It’s about Coach Rio and his friends. Coach Rio’s friends challenged him to run against a plane in Batangas. 9 cameras ata ginamit nila to capture the moment eh. Panoorin mo, something for fun lang. I just shared it with you because I felt it was something that your readers might want to see. Watch it here: http://bit.ly/KAbEuh


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