Interval Training SUCKS!

Did 6×800 intervals this morning… And they suck!

That feeling…
…of burn in my legs as lactic acid builds up –> sucks!
…of my chest wanting to explode as the force of my heart pounds on its walls –> sucks!
…of breathlessness as I gasp for air —> sucks!
…when my brain keeps on ordering my body to just stop and walk –> SUCKS!

But, as I finish my intervals…
…the pain in my legs disappear as the lactic acid dissolves…
…the pounding in my chest subsides as my heart slows down…
…the feeling of breathlessness goes away as I breathe in deeply…
…my brain calms down as it gets washed over with endorphins…
…I can’t wait to do it all over again…


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