What Am I?

When I started running 4 years ago, I tagged myself with the label… RUNNER. Not a jogger, but a runner. I don’t have  a good idea what differentiates one from the other, but, being a runner sure sounded cooler than being a jogger so that’s what I preferred to call myself.

Of course, when talking with my non-running friends about my running exploits, they’d always refer to it as jogging. And since I couldn’t really explain what the difference was, all the more they didn’t understand that there was a difference! I eventually learned to accept that to many people I knew, I wasn’t a runner… but a jogger.

As a runner (or jogger), my mindset has always been that during training or races, I should be running (or jogging) the complete distance. There should be no walking at all. And if I had to walk any segment of the course… the run wouldn’t be considered a complete success!

However, after joining a couple of ultras… my mindset has now been completely changed… I no longer desire to run the full distances… I now prefer to incorporate walking breaks in all my runs! This change in mindset has now put me in quite a predicament… what to label myself? If a runner runs… a jogger jogs… a walker walks… what do you call someone who runs/jogs and walks?


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