You Don’t Look Malnourished Anymore

A few hours ago, a family friend (who I haven’t seen in a few months) said… “Di ka na mukhang malnourished!” (You Don’t Look Malnourished Anymore). All I could do was just smile and nod in agreement. As a runner, that probably is one of the worst things to hear from a non-runner… because that means you’ve packed in a lot of weight!

A few months ago, I was surprised to find out I already weighed 68 kgs (actually I wasn’t really that surprised since I felt I was 68 kgs). I challenged myself to lose 8 kgs in two months. Well, its been almost 5 months and when I weighed myself a week ago… I was at 65 kgs. Three kgs in 5 months! Definitely my weight loss challenge didn’t go as well as I hoped, but I’m still quite happy that I did lose a few kgs. The plan now is to continue doing runs… continue eating the right food in the right amounts… so that hopefully, the next time I see my family friend he’d say… “Mukha kang nanamang malnourished!” (You look malnourished again!) 



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