Though I may have finished 2 marathons with no real marathon training — I don’t advice it. My times show it. How my legs felt after showed it… Nothing beats really training for a race — especially¬† if you have time targets in mind.

However, at present, I’m beginning to veer away from “training.” I no longer go out running to train… I just go out and run. That’s it… No labels.

For the past few months, I’ve been running without following a set training schedule. I just look at my work schedule, find out which days I can run… and determine how much time I have for that run. I don’t have speed, tempo, or long run days anymore. I just run at the pace I feel like running. I may go slow or fast, depending on what my body tells me it wants to do.

I’ve been running for more than 3 years now and always trying to be in training mode has made my running more of a chore. I ran because I needed to… not because I wanted to.

But with a change in my mindset, I am enjoying running once more. My runs are no longer about whether I attained my target pace, or my interval splits, or my required distance… My runs are now about thanking God that I am able to run… being amazed how I can reach places with just my two feet… enjoying a sudden cooling breeze, or a stretch of shade… I run, because I can.


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