My Old Shoes

My shoes are old.

I’ve had them for over a year. I’ve ran in them for countless kilometers. They used to be white but they now have a permanent gray color. They don’t provide much cushioning anymore. When I use them, my feet and legs hurt. That’s why a few weeks ago… I was set to replace them and get new ones. But before I went shopping, I decided to use them for a farewell run. It was to be my last run using my old shoes.

While out running, I was continuously thinking I’m not enjoying my run because I hated my shoes… and it would be a great relief that I was finally going to replace them. After a few minutes, I heard footsteps behind me. It was another runner running at a faster pace than I was. As he passed me… I saw his face for a split second. He looked happy. He even seemed to have a bounce in his step.

Unlike me, he was clearly having fun with his run. As he sped away, it was then that I saw his shoes… they were tattered! They definitely looked older than mine and I was honestly surprised the soles of his shoes didn’t break off evey time he took a step. (I’m not even sure those were running shoes he was wearing.)

We were both running and yet our level of happiness were so different. Here I was hating my run because I thought my shoes were old and yet here was another runner who was enjoying his… inspite of his shoes being in a worse shape than mine!

Its now been a few weeks and I’m still using my old shoes. (And I’ll keep on using them until they completely breakdown!) They still lack cushioning, but in a way, I think they’ve made my legs stronger. Even when I run with my old shoes, my feet and legs don’t hurt anymore. And when they do, it was because I either ran for a longer time, or a farther distance, or a faster pace.

That runner made realize I had forgotten the true essence of why I run… that it is never about the shoes… but it’s all about the joy I get from running.


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