One more reason to keep yourself hydrated.

Ever feel grumpy after a run? Ever wonder why instead of feeling relaxed and less-stressed after running you end up snapping at anyone who crosses your path?

You might be dehydrated!

According to an article published in the October 2010 issue of Reader’s Digest Asia,

In a recent study, young athletes who weren’t given fluids during practice felt more confused, angry, tense and blue afterwards than those who had plenty of water.

So instead of these athletes basking in the glow provided by the surge of endorphins, they ended up being cranky. And the thing is, it seems that you don’t even need to be really dehydrated to end up this way. As the article continues:

“The level of dehydration was very mild – it could easily be compared with what busy office workers might experience if they forgot to drink enough during the day.”

Therefore to maximize the stress-busting benefits of running, don’t forget to drink up… and keep yourself hydrated.


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