Milo Elimination Route

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The organizers of the Milo Marathon are using a different route for this year’s race as compared to the previous years. For this year, the route will revolve around the Roxas Boulevard and Diosdado Macapagal Avenue areas wherein previously, the route also included Buendia and the Fort areas.

Advantages of the New Route

For the Organizers:

Using loops offers a lot of advantages for organizers to help make  managing the race easier.

  1. Less marshals needed.
  2. Water stations could be refilled easier and faster (hopefully).
  3. Less transmitter mats needed.
  4. Easier to catch cheaters.

For the Runners:

  1. Faster times. Flat route = faster times. The route will be relatively flat. The only ‘hills’ will be provided by the Buendia and EDSA flyovers.
  2. Less intersections. Runners will be spared from the incessant bleeping of horns (sometimes shouting) from disgruntled motorists forced to stop and wait for runners to pass through at the various intersections of Buendia. This would also hopefully allow the organizers to maintain the route closed until the official cut-off time so that runners don’t have to be bothered running alongside cars until they finish.
  3. Medical aid should arrive quicker (if needed). Route is less stretched.
  4. Improved ‘spectatorship’ of the race. The loops would allow your friends, family, and fans to get to see you more during the race. They could see your progression from the fresh look of the first loop, to the tired and exhausted look of the 3rd loop. By seeing this progression, our fans may hopefully have a better understanding of the hardships and sacrifice we undergo through just to finish. 😀


  1. The route could become boring. Especially for the 42km runners as they have to do 3 loops to finish.
  2. It’s going to be potentially hot. The route doesn’t provide a lot of shaded areas. So once the sun rises…

I don’t know why they made this change to the route, but I do hope that they did this to reserve the old route for the Finals (previous editions had the same route for the eliminations and the finals)… making it a bit more special for those who qualify.

Good luck to everyone!


One thought on “Milo Elimination Route

  1. naisip ko lang, if they dont retain the old route sa finals then if any of the runners break the course records they included sa bonus prizes it will not really be accurate because this is a different route na

    “Bonus Prizes for Local Runners:

    P50,000 bonus for the first runner who breaks the 2:15:00 invisible time barrier

    P20,000 bonus for the first runner who breaks the 2:18:53 men’s course record of Eduardo Buenavista

    P20,000 bonus for the first female runner who breaks the 2:48:16 women’s course record of Jhoan Banayag ”

    hmmm… good point. kaya i really think the finals will see the old route. 😀

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