Recap: San Miguel Bay Run

Of all the races that was scheduled last May 23, I picked to join the 15 km distance of this race because of its close proximity to home.

The Race

I arrived at the starting line, already all warmed up, a minute before the firing gun was fired.

When the race started, the sun was already beginning to brighten up the surroundings. Although the sky was initially a bit cloudy, it was a quite humid morning so I had a feeling going to be a hot race. It was a good thing there were a lot of drink stations along the route. I ran the published route the previous days and I knew it was going to be less than 15km. It was a good thing this was corrected by the organizers. From Sunset Boulevard, instead of immediately turning left at Diosdado Macapagal Avenue (as published), the 15 km runners were directed to turn right and run towards Blue Wave before turning around and running along Macapagal Avenue. The rest of the route was then followed as published.

The route was totally flat all the way, and if not for the heat, I think many runners would have gotten a 15 km PR.

What I liked about this race

  • it started on time
  • there were a lot of water/Pocari stations (with abundant water and pocari) – especially with this weather that we’ve been having. The water should have been cooler though.
  • they alternated the water and Pocari stations – it made sure runners wouldn’t douse themselves with Pocari thinking that it was water. That would have been a “sticky” predicament. Also, it ensured that a runner didn’t have to slow down too much trying to grab two types of drinks.
  • the accurate distance – the route printed in the kit was definitely short. Kudos to the organizers for correcting it during race day ensuring a relatively accurate race distance (according to garmin users – thanks Doc Jo Paiso and Wilson). I now have a 15 km route for my diagnostic runs for that distance 😀
  • the race marshalls – they did a great job blocking off vehicles in the intersections.
  • different lines for the different distances for the loot bags – this is a nice thing that other organizers should also do in their races. Often times, there is just one line for everyone and this puts the longer-distance runners at a disadvantage since they arrive much later than the shorter-distance runners hence end up at the end of the line.
  • the loot bag – this isn’t a requirement for  a nice race but is a welcome addition when present 😀

3 thoughts on “Recap: San Miguel Bay Run

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  2. Nice post my friend. These are my favorite type of runs, the ones that are close to home. Hope to see you again possibly this November! Please take care.

    hey, hope to see you this november! take care also 😀

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