San Miguel Bay Run: 15km?

I ran the route (based on the picture included in the kit) a few days ago and I have some doubts that it really is 15 km. Why? I ran the route too fast! Considering I was only running at my LSD pace. I mean it would be great if I really do run that fast… but, I don’t think so 😀
If there are garmin-using (or other GPS-using) runners joining this race, a note of the actual distance would be highly appreciated!
* I am no longer a garmin user. My garmin conked out a few months ago. Now I just run with a watch and a HRM, hence I no longer run based on pace or distance… I now run based on time and heart rate. 😀

2 thoughts on “San Miguel Bay Run: 15km?

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  2. Doc Joe B,

    Good to see your up and running again. Yes, your observation is correct…14.87km on my Garmin…usually 15.3km is my gauge for the 15k event. But the shortness of the course was offset by the heat and humidity! I was expecting cool winds from the sea but got something similar to my wife’s blowdryer!;) Anyway, catch you in other events. Ingat, pare

    Doc Jo Paiso

    hahaha! i agree. having warm water for dousing didn’t help also. thanks for the distance check… see you in the upcoming races! 😀

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