Hanging Them Up

Due to work… I’ll be missing some of the year’s biggest races. Condura, the Century Run… and even BDM. Aside from my schedule not allowing me to be there during the runs, my schedule has not allowed me to train well enough for these upcoming races.

When I would go out on runs, instead of running for 2 hours or more (in preparation for BDM), I had to cut it short to just an hour or less because I just have so many things to do. This would make me feel guilty. Because I know that if I were to join (and survive)  any of the long races, I should be running more.  Hence,  since I can’t run long anyway,  I’ve decided to hang up my shoes and quit running… well, running long distances.

For now, I’ve been running shorter distances (and times) and this has been quite therapeutic for me. Now, I don’t feel guilty if I ran for just an hour, because I am no longer “forcing” myself to run more knowing that this is all the time I have. Now that I’m running shorter distances again, I seem to be having more fun. Because instead of feeling disheartened that I can only run for an hour, I get excited knowing I can run an hour in the morning and maybe another 30 minutes in the evening.

I know that I will eventually be running long again (hopefully sooner rather than later). But for now, I am enjoying my short runs as it rekindles my love for running.


3 thoughts on “Hanging Them Up

  1. there will be better times partner.will miss you sa bdm.especially when i start walking.

    hehehe basta wag lang i-verbalize na ayawan na! hehehe good luck partner!

  2. Welcome to the club. You just have to be more efficient. One long run, one tempo and one fartlek a week and sprinkle it with easy run.

    Regards Mark

    thanks mark! yup, have top maximize whatever run time i get 😀 congratulations sa condura!

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