Running Addicts

Running is a form of addiction.
You know you’re an addict when the moment you wake up… one of the first thoughts that cross your mind is:  where and how long will I run today?

Another way to find out whether you’re a running addict is that inspite of whatever ills happen to your body… what concerns you the most is how this will affect your running. To illustrate this point, let me tell you a story… a couple of stories actually…
A patient consulted the ER because he was bitten by a dog in the thigh. The wound didn’t particularly look nice (it was a big dog that bit him) and so he needed some shots. The ER doctor explained everything about dog bites, the shots needed and what the patient had to do for the next few weeks. After the long speech, the following conversation ensued:
Doctor: Any questions?
Patient: Uhmmm… can I still run?
Doctor: Well, since its your thigh’s that’s been bitten, it would be quite painful to run.
Patient: But if I can tolerate the pain, can I still run?
Running Addict!!!
Last month, I met a runner who collapsed less than a kilometer before the finish line of the biggest race last year. Upon being revived
at the emergency room, his first words were… did I get to finish the race?
Running Addict!!!
How about you, are you a running addict?

5 thoughts on “Running Addicts

  1. I can’t say the first question I’d ask my doctor after being bitten by a dog would be “if I can tolerate the pain, can I still run?” But I do wake up thinking of where, and how long I’ll be running. It just keeps me sane 🙂

    and that makes you a running addict 😀

  2. “running addict” is a nice item at FR Magazine or nice words for a car “sticker”! hehehe!

    hmmm nice idea 😀

  3. Running addict?

    Jun is experiencing some nasal allergy and is very worried about his run this Sunday…

    I slightly burned my thigh and worried about it affecting mine…

    I suppose we’re guilty as charged! haha

    Happy running! 🙂


    true running addicts! 😀
    oh, jun… take some non-sedating anti-histamines today until sunday. mariel… moisturize that area. good luck on sunday!

  4. Hi LoonyRunner, I also know a guy who was hospitalized due to dehydration. He was sent to the hospital ang went back to run the race and became the last finisher in a 21K race.

    Are we talking about the same person?

    Oh did I mention he’s a doctor? lol!

    not the same person… but this guy is sure a running addict! hahaha

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