To be an Effective Ultrarunner…

…you need a lot of free time and money.

Therefore, you need to either be:

1) single; or

2) retired; and/or

3) rich (whether single, married or whatever).

To be an ultrarunner, one has to run long distances… which could be 2-3 hour daily short runs that culminates in 4 hours or more weekend  long runs. If you’re married, you just don’t have the time… unless you’re rich enough to not have an 8-5 job.

Also, to be an ultrarunner, you need to have a lot of free cash. Shoes get worn out faster (due to more running), you need more equipment (hydration belts or bags) and you spend more during each run since you end up buying drinks/food along the way.

But in reality, to be an effective ultrarunner… it’s not just about being single, retired or rich… it’s about you loving running! 😀


4 thoughts on “To be an Effective Ultrarunner…

  1. did i hear, all of the above? hehehe.. we run ultras because we love the challenge. good luck on your training! see you soon!

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