McDo Fun Run

I saw their ad in one of the newspapers being given away for free at the MRT… sure looks like fun 😀


Other info (from the paper):

McHappy Day Fun Run.

1. It’s for the benefit of the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

2. Registration is from Nov 3-25, 2009 at selected McDo stores in the metro. Reg forms can be downloaded from

3. Reg fee is P350 (regardless of race category – 3k, 5k, 10k).

4. Race kit includes: bib no., reminders, route map, and a meal stub to claim food at the end of the race 😀

5. Assembly time is at 4 am, though race start is at 6am for 10k, 6:03am for 5k, and 6:05am at 3k.

6. There will be prizes awarded for winners.

7. The run will be on Nov. 30 (Monday), good thing its a holiday 😀

I hope I can join this one 😀


3 thoughts on “McDo Fun Run

  1. We’re joining this event, though there seems to be no singlet, we’re just hoping that we could help out by our small means while making ourselves fit.

    Also, my 1 year-old child hopes to see Ronald on the race day too, lol!

  2. sure looks like fun, although i must add that i would have gone for 5K only. more training muna before my first offical run hehe. by the way, do you happen to know any sites that publish race schedules in the philippines?

    thanks in advance. cheers!

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