Many runners pin their bib numbers to the wall as a sign of their running achievements. Me, the only bib numbers I’ve kept are these two…
The BOTAK marathon last May, where I could only run 10 km because my right knee gave up on me. And my newest bib to be posted, the 2009 Pasig International Marathon… where I wasn’t able to join the starting line because I didn’t wake up early enough. Unlike other runners, these are the bibs I put up… those runs where I failed the most. I put them up so I would always be reminded that whatever achievments I have, there are still a lot of areas to be improved upon. I put them up so I would remember how and why I failed… so as not to commit the same mistakes again.



4 thoughts on “Frailty

  1. Joe, good to hear from you. The bibs are a great reminder as you said. Knowing you for a year now via the blog, you’ve made tremenduous progress in training and racing. I’m happy for you and all the runner-bloggers in the Philippines that I follow.

    Soon, I’ll be posting something that recently happened. Take care and have a good week ahead.

    hi wayne! thanks! will be waiting for that post. have a good weekend.

  2. Me too. I put the ‘TNF100k solo’ bib number on the wall, the only race I DNFed. Whenever I see it, it reminds me that I still have unfinished business to do.

    babawi tayo! 😀

  3. the only medal hanging in my room is the Milo Elims 2009. im hoping to replace it with the one i will earn by crossing before the curfew.

    you’ll be replacing it with the one you’ll get for qualifying 😀 congrats on the NYC marathon!

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