Back to Basics

Ran yesterday without my garmin… actually, I didn’t even bring a watch. It felt a little bit disconcerting at the start not knowing how fast or how far or how long I’ve already been running. I just ran it by feel. If I felt I was breathing too hard, I’d slow down. If it felt too easy, I’d pick up the pace. If I felt I can go further, I took another step.

In the end, running without the distraction of trying to maintain a certain pace or trying to reach a certain distance was quite liberating.

It was just me, the road, and my surroundings… just as how it was in the beginning.


6 thoughts on “Back to Basics

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  2. Joe, I like what you did, not bring a Garmin with you. Last year when I returned from an injury, my first couple of runs were without a watch and I went through the same things as you did.

    Before you know it, you’ll be back to the shape you were in before the layoff.

    I hope so… thanks wayne! 😀

  3. i have a suspicion that you read the books “born to run” and “more fire: how to run the kenyan way”. but i suggest you to bring only a simple digital watch to tell you how long you run for the heart average pace..juz run and jog until you drop!

    hehe i haven’t read those books yet but their titles seem very interesting 😀 yup, will be bringing a watch with me next time… to remind me I should already be going back home! hehehe

  4. Greetings LoonyRunner!

    WE admire your running without any electronic contraptions, again. Runners who usually start running with GPS watches, HRMs and other gadgets find it hard to run “au naturelle” when their batteries die.

    WE thank you for giving us insight in the workings of a runner’s relationship with technology.

    Run Strong and Prosper!

    nice blog you have there… hmm so what type of gadgets do you use for running? thanks for the visit!

  5. road has been far away from me lately. need to comeback asap too…

    yup. we shouldn’t let our feet and legs miss the road too much… see you on the road!

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