No Running = No Blogging

Will be back soon…


5 thoughts on “No Running = No Blogging

  1. Joe, we’re a patient bunch and we’ll be awaiting your return to running and blogging. Hope everything’s well with you.

    hey wayne, i’m ok. just been really busy lately…

  2. hahahahaha…
    so many emergency call? patients?

    see you in milo!

    yup! all that plus i still haven’t completely recovered from the 102 yet.

    hmmm… hope i’ll be in milo. no definite plans for that one yet 😀

  3. Hey Joe! Na-m-miss ka na ng kalsada! 🙂

    See you around! 8)

    hehe oo nga. miss ko na rin ang kalsada… medyo sisimulan ko ng bumalik pakonti-konti 😀

  4. I’ve been looking out for either you or your posts nga, wala pareho. I guess that’s because you completed a year’s worth of running for BDM. See you around!

    hehe you could say that 😀 though i’m back running… or at least jogging 😀 see you on the road!

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