Bataan 102 Finisher’s Pic


Got this from last night’s party. Thanks to BR and photovendo! 😀


5 thoughts on “Bataan 102 Finisher’s Pic

  1. Nice pic bro and once again, congrats!

    Ok lang ba add kta sa blogroll ko?


    God bless.

    no problem 😀 thanks, congrats and God Bless you too!

  2. Congratulations on enduring the route! Hope everything’s going well!

    thanks wayne! everything’s ok… how are things with you?

  3. Everything’s okay. Unemployed but looking. The training has really picked up over the last three weeks.

    here’s hoping you find work soon… glad the training’s going well 😀

  4. See you this sunday LSD-botak marathon 🙂

    see you 😀 i don’t think i’ll be running the whole route though…

  5. Hey Doc, Kumusta ka na? Hope to see you at TNF!

    hey mark! doing ok… been quite busy though. So busy that I won’t be at the TNF 😦 anyways, good luck this coming Sunday! 😀

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