Postscript to the Bataan Death March UltraMarathon

After my brain could think more clearly, and after what I did completely sunk in… It made me realize how cruel man can be to their fellow men. I was able to cover the distance of the Death March with the best support, and yet I had a very, very difficult time. I couldn’t fathom how all those soldiers were made to do this in the worst conditions possible. They were battle-scarred, hungry, sick, exhausted… Still they were forced to do this. For those soldiers, quitting had meant death.

I would like to thank…

  • all the brave soldiers, past and present, dead or living – who have fought, or are continually fighting, for our freedom allowing me to join a race such as the Bataan 102;
  • to BaldRunner – for sharing to us his dream; and
  • to Jonel Mendoza – who if not for his company and support team, I would never had a chance to survive and finish.

Mabuhay Kayo!


3 thoughts on “Postscript to the Bataan Death March UltraMarathon

  1. dr joe, you are did well..see you in the next edition

    will start training soon… 😀 thanks!

  2. hey joe!

    really nice to have met you, finished the journey 102km together. tho we did not run together physically, WE ALL RAN THE DISTANCE 🙂

    hope to see you over in singapore sometime soon!


    hey baldwin, we missed you and lucas at the party last night. see you again next year? 😀

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