Being a Spectator at the PIA Run

I wasn’t scheduled to join any races last Sunday. But since I was running around the  SM MOA area, I decided to join in with the fun at the PIA run. I had an opportunity to run with the kids and got to take snapshots of other runners…

032920091028first time to see a run’s start in the sidelines –

mark3– running with MarkP and his daughter Cassie (who I think has a very nice running form) –

(pic courtesy of JunC)

032920091034– looking relieved at the finish line –




2 thoughts on “Being a Spectator at the PIA Run

  1. I was also a spectator during the PSE BullRun last January. I though that waiting for the race to finish was boring. It was not. I even find it interesting as I watch who get to the finish line first and take pictures of friends.

    that’s true. and for a spectator, the multiple loops (10 k people had to do 4 loops of the route) of the race was great since you get to see the runners more often 😀

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