Condura 21K: “De-training”

With the Bataan Ultra just a few weeks away, I’ve decided to start my tapering program for the run. I had to start de-training myself. De-training is my process of unlearning how I would usually run a race — trying to complete a race in the shortest possible time. For Bataan, where the goal is to finish 102 km, speed is not the priority. To do that, I have to discipline myself to rein in the speed demon in me. And the Condura Skyway Run was where I started to de-train myself.

Goals for the Run:

1. Running at aerobic pace (60-70% of my maximum heart rate – 6-6:30min/km pace) the whole length of the route;
2. Not feeling the need to catch up and overtake target runners; and
3. Not attacking the hills! – a really, really big sacrifice for me –

So did I attain my goals? Not completely… I was able to maintain running at my designated pace for the most part, but at certain points, I noted myself speeding up a bit. And the reason for that is though I was able to do goals 2 and 3 to a certain degree, the urge to go against them sometimes overcame me. But in the end, I think that I was able to rein in myself well enough that at the end of the 21 km, I still felt I had more in my tanks… and this I know would serve me well in Bataan.

032220091011– a lot of people were wearing this cool Ninoy shirt during the run –

032220091017– DATC… ran with him for the 1st half of the run

032220091020speed demons Jonel and Mark –

032220091025 The World Centre, Buendia — where my derma’s clinic is

032220091026 Henry and Bards

condura-cassie-swim-party-074with PassionRunner near the finish line (pic c/o MarkParc0)


7 thoughts on “Condura 21K: “De-training”

  1. Thanks for posting the pic. i will be keeping a copy for myself.

    Thanks Mark

    you’re welcome! thanks for the pic too!

  2. Congrats Doc Joe! you’re truly a runner who knows his plan and goals. More power for your Bataan 102K Run! Keep on running!

    though at times, those plans and goals aren’t always followed hehehe thanks!

  3. Congrats Joe. Running up tempo is natural to everyone of us, just great that you have the discipline to overcome it. Hats off to you on your post race professionalism, mabuhay ka!

    Onwards to Bataan 102, kaya mo ‘yan. Good luck.

    thanks! just being at the right place at the right time…
    seems you had a lot of fun at condura, dami mo pics ng mga tao while running!
    bataan? kayang-kaya! (hopefully)

  4. dr joe, i should have done that and savored more time to enjoy the view on top of the skyway but the “warrior” in me would not allow it..hehehe..bataan 102 would be another game..good luck!

    i know 😀 and from what I’ve seen, you’re really maintaining your good form. congrats on the PR! see you in 2 weeks at km 0 bataan!

  5. thanks for taking time to stop and take my picture joe.i will see you in bataan!

    you’re welcome! well, you’ve been taking our pics during the runabouts so it’s time it’s you who gets photographed 😀 yup, see you in bataan!

  6. joe, how many runners did you pace? hahaha i even have a pic of you with another friend near the finish line also.

    thanks for that extra push! good luck sa Bataan!!!

    hehehe just ran with whomever I had the chance to run with 😀

    thanks! and you’re welcome!

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