PR Races Pics

(Pictures are courtesy of Dr Doray)



doctors Doray, Lora, me, Pats with coach Rio

img_5465happy with my loot


img_2929 posing with Dr Yong Larrazabal and his wife Donna Cruz

img_2951– podium finishers


One thought on “PR Races Pics

  1. Hey Loony,

    Found your blog (and pics)…a very interesting one…I guess our stories are all similar when it comes to running. I’ve been in and out of running since my teens because of work, injury, etc (other excuses). But now…it seems like I’ve run out of excuses ;). thanks in advance for the picture at the podium. I was right beside you. Good luck in the 102k. #1 rule – No injuries. If you do call me and we’ll try our best to help. Ingat pare

    Doc Jo Paiso

    yup, running just has a way of creeping up on you 😀 no problem with the pic… though I got it from doc Doray… hopefully we’ll all have injury-free running! thanks!

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