From a Jeepney

Philippine jeeps have been a source of many funny, witty and inspiring sayings. Who can forget… “Basta driver… sweet lover…” and “God knows JUDAS not pay.”

During one of my runs in Baguio, I saw this in the back of a jeep…


Keep on running!


5 thoughts on “From a Jeepney

  1. di kya apo ni Plato ang driver ng jeep? nice post. hehe

    ganyan talaga ang mga jeepney driver… matalinghaga hehehe

  2. Joe, the jeepney was one of the many highlights of the vacation. I agree that there were some interesting comments made to me while on one. Still despite the lack of leg room, it was worth it.

    glad you got to try riding in one, and that you liked it 😀

  3. Hmm . . . I wonder who’s the original author of this one.

    So Joe, do you still sweat when you run in Baguio? Ang lamig siguro dyan.

    Hope to see you again in future races (definitely not in Bataan hehe . . . )

    yup! tulo pawis pa din… kaya lalong lumalamig once I stop running. it was cold till the middle of January but it’s starting to get warm na din… see you! 😀

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