Bataan… wala ng atrasan

After 33.56 kilometers, I finally did it… I got myself formally registered for bataan 102. Kaya, wala ng atrasan to! 😀


7 thoughts on “Bataan… wala ng atrasan

  1. joe, thanks for joining this historic race and the most memorable run of your life. train well.

    thanks BR!

  2. Joe, it’s about time! (just kidding). Good luck in the upcoming Bataan 102. Definitely, it will be the event of a lifetime! Take care.

    hehehe BR only started accepting payments this month that’s why it took me this long 😀 thanks! enjoy the weekend!

  3. Good Luck Doc. I am sure you will do well in this race.

    thanks! as long as I finish, that would be enough for me to say… I had done well 😀

  4. Good luck on your run Doc, we’ll be cheering from the sidelines and wait for the results..


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