Baguio City Adventures: Mount Sto. Tomas

I spent the whole Christmas break in Baguio City… here’s an account of how I spent my days up there… 😀

Jan 1

Last entry for this series (finally!)…

Bugobugo, Ilo and I ran up this mountain to usher in the new year! (for a full recap and more pics, see bugobugo’s blog)


a view of Marcos Highway

dsc00040a long way up

The Ascent

dsc00039the road was cemented up to ~ the 2 km mark

01012009939rough road up to the top




9 thoughts on “Baguio City Adventures: Mount Sto. Tomas

  1. Nice view from up there Doc, I’m sure the weather was really cold during that time

    yup! it was really cold… made worse by wind chill… still, it was one great run 😀 hmmm… some of the pics didn’t load up. will fix it later…

  2. Hehe! Breathtaking views nga! 😉 great pictures from what seemed like a pretty awesome run…ang saya naman ng mga takbo mo!

    yup, really enjoyed being home last December… got to visit a lot of places… on foot! 😀

  3. I can no longer run, so twice I’ve walked from Session Road to the old, twin antennas atop Mount Santo Tomas then walked partway back downhill before boarding jeepneys to downtown.

    wow! that’s pretty far 😀

  4. Yo doc, this may be for you. Apparently it’s sponsored by the city mayor’s office and the local press club, but am not sure about the quality of the organisation:

    “This inaugural team-relay foot race which kicks off on March 28 is a special event in the 100th year celebration of Baguio-Summer Capital of the Philippines. The Challenge starts from Camp 1 Tuba,.Benguet (foot of Kennon road) all the way up to City of Pines, covering a grueling 34.8 kilometers course.”

    hey, this is bugobugo’s idea! his sisters-in-law were discussing this when we had breakfast in their house… mukhang the plan has been set. where’d you get this info? this will be one tough but exciting run… tara! 😀

  5. kennon run looks yummy but it is ultra the week…..well,maybe,whatchuthink? hehehe.teammate tayo ha?

    kung libre tayo, why not… all for baguio city… and running! hehehe

  6. beautiful.. sana makajoin naman ako.. kahit saling pusa lang..hehehe

    sure! kahit sino puwede maki-join 😀 di ko nga lang pa alam kung kelan ang next time…

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