Baguio City Adventures: Loakan Road and PMA

I spent the whole Christmas break in Baguio City… here’s an account of how I spent my days up there… 😀

Dec 30: Loakan Road

I wasn’t able to take pics of this route during the last Milo Half-Marathon so I decided to run this route this day as part of my run…

12302008843starting point – the Baguio City Hall

12302008844trees, trees, trees!


123020088561230200887612302008853some areas didn’t have sidewalks so ran on top of these barricades –

The Milo route just passes by the Philippine Military Academy, the training academy of future officers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, but since I was already within the area… I decided to take a peek inside…

12302008888– entrance to the Philippine Military Academy (Fort del Pilar) –

12302008889– only place in Baguio with a sign such as this –

123020088911– the hero of Tirad Pass, Gregorio del Pilar –

12302008890– well-maintained roads –

12302008910– a “museum” of old WWII war machines –

123020089001230200890412302008907– those gears are HUGE! –

12302008919– HQ –

12302008923– cadet’s barracks –

12302008925– parade grounds –

123020088931– ceremonial hat –

12302008930– final shot –


7 thoughts on “Baguio City Adventures: Loakan Road and PMA

  1. Im always on this road whenever im in Baguio for a client since they’re located in the BEPZ in Loakan. I’ve always admired this road for the “course” that is even in a car. Would sure love to test my legs the next time around…

    why not try it out when you’re there next… then race it during the milo half 😀

  2. i was supposed to do the milo baguio leg last year but i had a last minute schedule conflict. this year, il put that on top of my list

    see you there! 😀

  3. i really want to be a part of the academy but i really dont know were to apply….can you tell me so???????/

    by the way im here in cebu….

    it’s really a nice experience to be there….
    it’s so encouraging….

    hi! you can check out the PMA website through this link thanks for visiting 😀

  4. GANDA TALAGA always dreaming of going der..especially entering the academy(being a part of PMA)….

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