Baguio City Adventures: La Trinidad

I spent the whole Christmas break in Baguio City… here’s an account of how I spent my days up there… 😀

Dec 27

I was still a bit hurting because of my Christmas run to Asin. A short walk on the 26th seemed to have helped lessen the soreness, so I decided to do a short run today with hopes that it would further hasten my recovery. My destination was to reach the Capitol Building of the Province of Benguet in the Municipality of La Trinidad (~3km distance). La Trinidad, the capital of the Province of Benguet, is where the famous Baguio strawberries actually come from. It is the town you pass by when going to Sagada coming from Baguio. It’s a valley that was mostly swamplands during the Spanish period. Now, it’s a bustling municipality (it has it’s own Mcdonald’s and Jolibee branches)  and I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes city in the near future.


12272008777the capitol building

Once I got there, I decided to tour around the vicinity.

12272008780a map of Benguet…

I just don’t know why there’s a  statue of a woman taking a bath though…

12272008785la trinidad

Views From Behind the Capitol



So after sweating it a little bit, I decided to go home… but with thoughts of re-visiting and extending my run beyond the Capitol…

Distance covered: a little over 6 km

Dec 29

After my recovery run on the 27th, the soreness of my legs miraculously disappeared! So I decided to push through with my plan to run to La Trinidad again. This time, my plan was to go beyond the Capitol and reach the tollgate at Halsema Highway, the mountain highway that leads to the inner areas of the Cordillera Mountain Range (eg Sagada).

For the route, towards the Capitol, it was mostly downhill (not very steep) and flat. However, after the Capitol, it was mostly uphill (quite steep) until the tollgate. Hence I got to do some hill training during this run 😀

12292008820with the Cordillera Mountains in the background

12292008819Camp Dangwa…

Police Camp named after the long-time Congressman of La Trinidad

12292008827nearing the end

12292008832portal to the mountains

12292008826future destinations?

12292008835going home

Distance covered: ~16 km


5 thoughts on “Baguio City Adventures: La Trinidad

  1. hi! i know haven’t met in person yet, I should have known! then i would have run with you during these days. I was stuck running in the State University’s athletic field, although i did once up going to the Capitol. boohoo next time! Altitude training is very difficult though. Happy new year!

  2. Running the Halsema Highway through Atok, maybe past the highest point of the Philippines highway system, would be awesome. You’re lucky your folks live nearby. There is one area there that I’ve been to aboard an offroader that I would like to walk or run or climb someday as well, called the Paoay plateau.

  3. Awesome Lakay! How I wish I could run going to those places. I feel nostalgic about the Cordilleras. I cannot help but reminisce how beautiful it was in the 60’s and 70’s. Still its a beautiful place to run for Hill Training.

  4. hi!

    witchkitty… sayang! maybe next time 😀 happy new year too!

    miraclecello… hmmm, haven’t heard of that one… but it sure sounds interesting 😀

    kiderdorf… yup, the central areas maybe getting congested, but the peripheral areas are still quite beautiful 😀

  5. with all those distances displayed,there is no need to,you know what to do next.highest point maybe this summer is not a bad idea.joe,cecil, anyone?

    let’s see if the schedule permits… but that definitely is a good idea 😀

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