Baguio City Adventures: Quirino Hill

I spent the whole Christmas break in Baguio City… here’s an account of how I spent my days up there… 😀

Dec 24

I arrived in the early morning of the 24th so I got to sneak a few hours of sleep when I got home. When I woke up, the weather was cool, even though the sun was already up. Since I spent ~ 7 hours cramped in a bus, I wanted to stretch out my legs so I decided to go for a quick run. I slathered sunblock in my face and body… put on my running kit, laced up my shoes and went out the door… my destination –> Quirino Hill.

quirino hill

quirino hill

This small hill’s near our house and I’ve been up there (by vehicle) only once. Up there, it offers a good view of the whole City of Baguio.

The hill route wasn’t quite long (~2 km) but it was definitely very steep! Even though I love to attack hills… I was no match this time. I ended up walking stretches of the route as I really felt my calf muscles burn, and me run out of breath during the ascent.


At the top, I was greeted by this view… the City of Baguio… all buildings and houses!

no more trees

where are the trees?

a concrete jungle

a concrete jungle

It was a good morning run and I did end up really stretching my legs. Little did I know though that this was just to be a preview of things to come…


5 thoughts on “Baguio City Adventures: Quirino Hill

  1. that route demands first gear even from vehicles is astig that you made it all the way up even just by walking.ayos!

  2. hi!

    bugobugo… yup, naka 1st gear lang din ako nun e hehehe

    sundaywarrior… it’s getting worse. especially during the break since there were a lot of people (with cars) who also spent the holidays there… 😦
    moljcy… ganda ng view nila pag gabi 😀

  3. yeah you’re very right where are the tress?.. john hay totally different from before.. so many buildings.. but honestly it’s not becoming healthy.. there’s a total imbalance.. and we can feel it now.. agree?


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