Running Form: According to Photovendo

With the pics taken by photovendo, the pic-taking-during-races company of Photographer on the Run, I got to learn a couple of things on how my form looks like when I run…

I’m a heel striker…



I flail my arms too wide when I run…


vso2-flail-arms–  even when I try to run fast

pv3-flail-armswith Prom at UNICEF –

Will try to improve on these and let’s see if my hopefully improved form will make me run faster (or atleast make me look better in my pics) 😀


5 thoughts on “Running Form: According to Photovendo

  1. I see that you have also discovered Photovendo as very valuable self-assessment tool. Since I was so disappointed with my captured form, I ended up analyzing the form of the top winners. You will discover and learn a lot of things! Thanks, Photovendo.

  2. Hi Joe. Photos are very valuable. However, it’s always possible when you’re at a fast (possibly sprint portion), you might be a midfoot striker. I’m not trying to confuse you or any of the readers but I’ve seen two pics of me this year doing both as a heel and a midfoot striker in the same race.

    Happy Holidays my friend and a prosperous New Year in 2009!

  3. dr joe, i suggest you join the speed training with the rest of the Hardcores at the ULTRA Oval Track on Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday at 5:30-8:30PM. however, starting next month, we’ll have speed training also on Saturday morning from 6:00-8:00AM. the “two wise men” will coreect your form and they will make you run faster, too! see you at the ULTRA. btw, ULTRA is closed fm 25 Dec 2008 to 1 Jan 2009.

  4. ricov… that’s a good idea hehehe yup thanks photovendo!

    wayne… hmmm… good point, didn’t think of that… thanks!

    BR… thanks for the invite. i’ve been meaning to attend but just couldn’t because of a busy schedule. if i do get some free time, i’ll definitely join you guys! thanks!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

  5. lakay, save some time if only for a moment for you to be able to take a diagnostic run with the two wise running will be a decision you will NEVER regret.

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