Destination: Candelaria, Quezon

Before my rotation in San Juan ended, I got to squeeze in one more road run. This time, my target was the town of Candelaria, in the province of Quezon (~16 km from San Juan).

The Route


11132008446–  umagang kay ganda

11132008448leaving San Juan, Batangas

11132008451crossing provincial lines, entering the province of Quezon

11132008453sabi ni Jolibee… 4 more

112020085461by running on the road side, I got to do some sort of “trail” running

Candelaria, Quezon


11132008460closest Jolibee to San Juan

11132008464a new thing learned –> who knew Candelaria is the dessicated coconut capital of the country

11132008461war memorial


18 thoughts on “Destination: Candelaria, Quezon

  1. Hmm, topo map says it’s flat. Doc, tell them to sell their coconut shell discards to New Balance or Pearl Izumi. They apparently burn the things, electrically charge the carbon, and weave it into their premium dri-fit fabric, which they call Cocona. Who would have thought 🙂

  2. wow, you are the running counterpart of a tourist jetsetter lakay.can’t wait to run the mountains with you next week.see you!

  3. I love those Jollibee route markers on the road. They always give me hope that the next town, or sign of civilization, is near when i do my out of town trips!

  4. miraclecello… yup, it is flat all the way… wow! i didn’t know they did that. hmmm then they charge us exorbitant fees for the stuff hehehe 😀

    bugobugo… already dreaming of kennon… mt sto.tomas… kayapa… hehehe

    moljcy… yup! 😀

  5. don’t you ever encounter mean dogs when you run? I always, always have that problem when i try to run in the province. I complained to my uncle once. he told me to just bring a broom along! aysus, eh di nagmukha akong aswang nun! 🙂 seemed like you had a solid,and enjoyable run! umagang kay ganda nga!

  6. mesh… hehehe that’s funny 😀 hmmm the dogs in San Juan usually roam free so sanay na silang nakakakita ng tao. pero as a precautionary measure, i slow down a bit when i see dogs and make sure that i maintain eye contact. that seems to calm them down whenever i pass by. yup, it was one good run 😀

  7. mesh, i have that problem too when i run around the city. everytime i see a dog in the horizon…i start to slow down. mas takot pa ako sa kanila kaysa sa mga cars.

  8. wag lang sila awayin and we’ll be safe 😀 except kung ulol yung aso… i’ve contemplated on bringing mace with me when i run. puwedeng pang-spray sa mga aso… o mga tao 😀

  9. Yeah, ha ha, ever heard of Viaje del Sol? Tiaong, Dolores, Pansol, San Juan … carbo-loading galore at each stop 🙂 The Kinabuhayan Cafe is the best of the lot.

  10. Great photos and great run! It looks like you are having fun running around there than in your previously assigned area.

  11. wilbert… i try to avoid the highway as much as possible. but when i do run on them, i don’t run on the road, i stay dun sa “side walk” where i can do some “trail” running 😀

    miraclecello… that’s a lot of kilometers… kelangan na ng kasama diyan 😀

    PC… yup! too bad the rotation’s over…

  12. Funny is, in this “dessicated capital of the world”, it’s been a long era, and now, I think a rare one, that a Candelarian could buy that “dessicated” coconut. We are not that aware of that because what we Candelarians do is,workWORKWORK, in those factories.Hehe

  13. I am from Candelaria. came to america in 1966. I missed the town. I can not recof\gnize the pictures but I cou ld feel the sentemientong alaala. I walk everyday 1 mile.naybe I will walk nt run to Manila or San Juan as long as there is hotel or inn every nighty obn the way.

  14. Gusto kong makasating sa lugar na yan dhal parang angganda.. Tas sa pa jan nakatra ang mhal q, heheh..

  15. Gusto kong makarating sa lugar na yan dhal parang angganda.. Tas, sa pa jan nakatra ang mhal q, heheh..

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