UP Naming Mahal

inquirerInquirer 12.14.08


Manila Bulletin 12.15.08


17 thoughts on “UP Naming Mahal

  1. LOL! I don’t know if I should be proud or what. But thanks for posting, I wasn’t aware they had something like this. 🙂

  2. hello!

    cathy… it was a once in a lifetime event, so had to grab the opportunity 😀

    miraclecello… any pictures posted? 😀

    bugobugo… wups, you’re looking at a different person hehehe

    SFrunner… hehehe

  3. miraclecello… oo nga hehehe though getty images had some pics in their site. i think kaya di na ganun ang buzz e ilang beses na palang napostpone to. the original plan was to have done it last June… in a way buti ngayon lang natuloy, nasama tuloy ako hehehe 😀

  4. Anak ng baka, Joe, nandyan ka pala talaga! Heard about this mid-year from an alumni list, and my UP alumni officemates and I were kidding about it. I was a 205lb monster back then and may hangganan ang pagmamahal ko sa UP (Hehe). Pero bilib ako sa iyo. Tama ka, you are part of history!

  5. all these times, akala ko ultra 102 ang pinaghahandaaan mo para lumabas ang 6 pack mo.yun pala,toits!

    good one adam.

  6. miraclecello… oh, they didn’t post a lot though…

    bugobugo… napa-crash course nga ako sa pag workout ng abs for this shoot e hehehe thanks!

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