My Milo Marathon Story

Did the Milo Marathon Finals a week ago. I didn’t actually qualify for the finals but together with some other guys, we decided to run this race as bandits.

I didn’t particularly train for this race so I decided to treat it as one long run. From the start, I was just maintaining a 6:15-6:30 min/km pace. I was doing ok until I got a little winded at around km 28 (somewhere along Bayani Road on the way back to Lawton Avenue), so I decided to have my 1st walk break. I did a walk/jog cycle for the next 4 kilometers and this really contributed about 45 minutes to my final time. (It took me ~3 hours to complete my first 28 km).

I had deviated from the actual marathon route at this point since I had to meet someone to get some important stuff. I was supposed to meet her at the end of the race but since I underestimated my finishing time, I decided to just go meet her then. So instead of going through the Buendia flyover, I passed by Mckinley Road, Ayala Ave and re-entered Buendia Ave at the intersection. I reasoned out that I was running as a bandit anyway so I was not actually governed by the rules of the race. What was important was that I am able to complete my 42km run (it was a good thing I had my garmin on to measure my distance covered) 😀

From the 32nd km onwards, my legs were already really beginning to ache, that each step I took added more pain. I wasn’t particularly tired, but it was just that my legs were not yet accustomed to running that far a distance. However, as I forced myself to jog, I began to feel the pain somehow decrease, my leg muscles relaxed a bit. My feet seemed to feel numb, that I hardly felt them hitting the ground. Because of that, I was able to continue jogging from the 32nd km up to the finish. It was simply amazing! I probably was able to maintain running purely because of the endorphin effect. It also helped me mentally because every time I passed a landmark (like the LRT), my mind seemed to be rejoicing that I was already approaching the finish.

When I reached Roxas Boulevard, I knew that all the races (10km, marathon) were probably over (the roads were already open), but it didn’t deter me from reaching my goal. When I reached CCP, as if running 40 km wasn’t punishment enough, I “punished” myself some more as I decided to do 4 loops of the CCP ramp (it was punishment for skipping the Buendia flyover).

As I turned back to Roxas Boulevard, something weird just happened. I had just wanted to treat this run as “just” a long run, but as I turned the corner… I was suddenly overcome by emotions. My eyes began to well with tears. I was there at Roxas, running alone, with tears flowing from my eyes. As I looked around the familiar sights, memories flooded my mind. I remembered my first outside run in Roxas, and though it was just a short 2 km run, I remembered the high it gave me. As I neared the finish, it seemed my running life was flashing right before my eyes… and it made me feel happy… my body probably thought it was dying… and it was trying to make me feel better.

After more than 5 hours, I finally reached the Quirino Grandstand.  There were no longer any crowds to meet me, to cheer me on… but it didn’t matter… I had completed my first marathon.

Total distance: 45.07 km
Total time: 5 hours and 12 mins


17 thoughts on “My Milo Marathon Story

  1. Was that your first full? Surprises really can caught us Joe, next time we have to prepare, its different from plain running. Maybe you have the endurance but mentally you are lacking and it plays a great factor here. Anyway, what you did was great, congratulations, hardcore.

  2. Wow! What a story! I remember being tearful when I finished my first too. Guess it’s the relief and the happiness of finishing.

  3. hello!

    run unltd… yup, it was my first full! 😀 for now, that run was just in preparation for something longer… 102…

    PC… yup. tears of joy hehehe

    ricov… thanks!

    miraclecello… hehehe yup. that is indeed the goal 😀

    nora… we are all runners… or joggers… or walkers… what matters is that we enjoy what we’re doing 😀

  4. Wow and WOW… You really have the heart of a hardcore runner. Na-touch naman ako to know how humble you are despite running the distances that you do. Ang galing lang!

  5. Hi Joe. What an inspiring and touching moment. It doesn’t matter if there were 10,000 runners, a finish line, water stations or crowds. You did it and that can’t ever be taken away from you.

    Rest assured, the next one will be easier. Take care my friend!

  6. hi!

    gigi… thanks! I think that’s what happens when you realize that each run can be special in its own way, thus you savor each one of them 😀 nice seeing you at the Yakult run…

    SFrunner… yup! hmmm… but if if becomes easier, then it would be time to move on to the next challenge 😀 enjoy your week… Happy Birthday Wayne! 😀

  7. Hi Doc Joe, I guess we all experienced the same feeling nearing the finish line, I was about to cry after passing the line in SG, you’re right,it was tears of joy…

  8. Joe,
    hope you can join the tnf thrill of the race next january 18. i’d love to take you guys to nasugbu to taste the trail before the race day.
    take care and see you next year. happy holiday!

  9. sundaywarrior… i agree 😀

    highaltitude… i hope so too. enjoy your vacation, see you next year!

    levy… hehehe 😀

  10. di naman halata na first full mo ito,you are a full bandit.and keep the back pck at home next time!new year na.

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