This run was just part of a long run planned for that day. Met Jay at MOA where we started our run towards Buendia. Lester then joined us at the World Trade Center. We ran through Buendia, then Ayala Ave, crossed EDSA via the overpass, entered McKinley Ave, turned right at Lawton until we reached McKinley Hills. We arrived early as the race participants were still arriving at that time. Since we didn’t want to linger too long while waiting for the start, we decided to continue running. We ran a loop around MKH, re-entered Lawton, and ran towards Bayani Ave turning around at the overpass to return to MKH.

When we arrived back at MKH, the race had already started! The race had started on time! 😀 It didn’t matter though since none of us were going to treat this run as a race. Jay and I however decided to have ourselves checked in by a race marshall at the starting line. We then followed the route, running a little extra just before entering Heritage Park.

jay and lester at heritage park

jay and lester at heritage park



After crossing the finish line, we were supposed to run some more but Jay went to look up his wife and kid, and in the process completing his 30km. Lester and I lingered around the finish line area for awhile, meeting and chatting with other runners. Dingdong was supposed to join Lester and I in our post-UNICEF run but we couldn’t find him after. So we decided to run on since we still had some appointments to keep. We ran around MKH again, exited to Lawton Ave, before running in the direction of BHS. At the corner of McKinley Ave, I bid Lester goodbye as I was going back to Ayala while Lester continued to run towards BHS where he was going to meet his girlfriend who was picking him up.

This was my first time to run long with company and it was definitely a treat. As the stories flowed, so did the kilometers. Other benefits were:

  • it felt safer running even though it was still dark
  • the pace was relatively controlled since we were pacing each other

Congratulations to Rio for another very well organized run 😀


12 thoughts on “UNICEF Run

  1. hi Loonyrunner, just found this blog accidentally while
    surfing on net about running.
    nice to read what you’ve written over the months of your training. your running story is much alike mine;

    I started running on april2007 and before that my primary
    training was with weights, (soon as I started running more
    and more my own weight started dropping from 85kg to 68kg
    now, just couldn’t eat as much as I spend energy I quess:) and the weight training was left behind more and more
    and last 8 months I’ve been focused just on running, have had many little leg injuries
    (cause I raised kilometers up too fast and in some months had not enought rest days).

    As I read your blog a little, I think you’re a calm runner
    that’s good to build solid base/kilometers what you need
    to get faster and faster. I’ve had problems with running
    “too hard” almost every time I run, not enough easy days.
    that’s why I’ve been injury prone I think. and
    I mix all the training methods in one run. example when I
    run 12.6km; I do hill work, speed work, short intervals
    and tempo work in that one run, not just one at a time
    don’t know if it’s good or bad for my develop but I think
    time will tell (and don’t know how many runners train’s this way).

    too much to say here:)
    it’s nice to read what/how other runners think and train.

    keep on running

  2. Did you run back to MOA? Next time (since my family will not be around) I am willing to do an out and back. I also want to try some drills used by the Brooks Hanson Distance Project maybe this coming Milo marathon. It was good running with you guys. May we cover more miles and places in the future!

  3. hi p… that’s how it is with me too. though i try to still do weights or at least push-ups and chin lifts so my arms don’t shrink too much.

    yup, i think I am a bit more calmer in my running now. I also used to run hard every time but the longer I ran, I’ve realized my body couldn’t keep up… yet. So now, I just choose the moments I run hard 😀 Ummm during my long runs, I also mix-and-match… mixing some speed within the run… breaks the monotony of just running long 😀

    thanks for visiting and the comment 😀

    hey jay… run until Ayala-EDSA lang. Rode the MRT back to Manila 😀 sige, turuan mo kami during Milo… see you this Sunday! 😀

  4. Joe, great that you had the training run with Jay and Lester. I’m just picturing the course since I remembered parts of it during the drive back to the hotel with Oknoy and of course – the Ayala-EDSA portion and to the Fort.

    Are you running Milo this Sunday? If so, best of luck. Please take care.

  5. Nice run Lakay. I saw the 3 of you pass me by at Heritage Park. I was then enjoying the view and paying my respects to a departed friend as I passed his grave. However, I did not realize that you guys started way back in MOA and Buendia as you all looked fresh. Guess your training is really paying off.

    Enjoy your training runs and I’ll see you at the races.

  6. Nice running with you! Thanks for the text also. Im still not sure if i will be able to revive my phone. I did saw Dingdong doing a few rounds in BHS after I changed. See you sunday!

  7. what was your total distance covered? I would still like to do a long run with company, just dont know who. Maybe PC as he mentioned something but will still see, would you be interested?

  8. hi!

    SFrunner… yup, it will be my 1st full 😀 thanks!

    kinderdorf… was enjoying the heritage park area too… see you in the upcoming races!

    runMD… glad you were still able to complete your extra 10k. ready-ing ready na for singapore 😀

    moljcy… see you this Sunday! make sure di na butas yung zip lock bag mo 😀

    philip… completed 30k that day. yup, I’m definitely interested! I’m only available during Sundays though 😦

  9. guys,if you noticed,there are no scheduled long runs on dec 14.i am planning a runabout from bhs to moa via villamor then buendia then bhs.if you are free and interested and not bloated from all the eating and drinking parties coming up 😉

    see you at milo42.

  10. hi!

    jonel… may race na sa 14, yung UP ICTUS..

    lonerunner… yup! nice meeting you too! 😀

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