Buy 1 Take 1

11182008487-small I was Landmark Makati last Sunday when I chanced upon this special offer… Coppertone Sport Sunblock lotion, at buy 1 take 1! It expires on March ’09 so there’s enough time to use it all up before then.

It’s SPF 30 (it’s all you need… the protection provided is not much different between SPF 30 and 50), sweatproof (so it stays on your skin and not get washed off by sweat), and best of all, it’s unscented! (it doesn’t have that I’m going to the beach coconut smell that’s prevalent in other sunblocks).  It retails for P409.75, which is definitely a bargain. So go grab a pair now and provide some protection for that delicate skin.

disclaimer: this is not a paid ad (i wish!) hehehe 😀


9 thoughts on “Buy 1 Take 1

  1. Ako din sa Subic imported Gatorade with only 2 months bef it expires. dpat pla may website ang mga runner ng listahan ng sale. hehehe

  2. lonerunner… hehehe that’s a good idea 😀

    jonel… yup. lalo na kayong mag-pinatubo. malamang ma-araw dun.

  3. hey lester… ran with long sleeves the past few races here in manila. feels weird initially pero got used to it na din. i plan to wear 1 sa bataan102 😀

  4. Thanks for the info lakay! I was able to get one at Landmark just in the nick of time when my sunblock ran out.

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