End of the Road

When I was a kid, I watched the funny movie “The Gods Must be Crazy 2.” It centered around this African bushman who was searching for the end of the earth so he can fulfill his mission. He “found” it when he eventually reached the end of a plateau which he thought was the end since he could no longer go any further. During my run today, I too was able to reach the “end of my earth.”

Roxas Boulevard in the City of Manila has been my running playground ever since I started running almost 2 years ago. My runs would however only reach until EDSA, which served as my turnaround point. It was a nice 5 kilometer distance so a loop would give me my 10km run fix.

During my run this afternoon, I was feeling a bit adventurous so I decided to go beyond EDSA, to see what was after it. I was kind of enjoying myself as I explored this new route. However, less than two kilometers later, the route abruptly ended. At the Uniwide mall, Roxas Boulevard transformed into a highway… and there was a big sign explicitly stating that pedestrians were no longer allowed beyond that point. Though a part of me wanted to run in the highway, I knew that it wouldn’t have been safe. Cars would be zooming fast, and there were no sidewalks along the road… I may be loony, but I’m definitely not that crazy! So I turned around and proceeded back home. Like that bushman, I had also seemingly reached the end of the world.


10 thoughts on “End of the Road

  1. “The end of the earth” in the God’s must be crazy, is from where I come from. That area is called God’s window in the eastern Transvaal and is beautifull. It really looks like the scene in the movie. You can see for miles. Wow, you made me miss my roots… Thanks for taking me to memory lane even though it was just for a minute or two. See you at the races and keep fit.

  2. hey philip… wow! it did look beautiful in the movie… but i’m sure it’s a whole lot better to see it live… you’re welcome, see you next Sunday 😀

  3. Joe, I remember that movie well. I agree that seeing it live is always better. There are some routes north of San Francisco in the headlands that I’ll be trying in the spring when the weather gets a little better and there’s more daylight.

    Thanks for the blog entry today. I’ll see you guys this weekend!

  4. did u passby baclaran? I heard some stories na delikado dun kasi madami holdupers… I think mas safe sa macapagal ang daan. 🙂

  5. hello!

    SFrunner… see you soon! 😀

    lonerunner… passed by the right side kaya iwas sa baclaran, tsaka it was in broad daylight at madami pulis na nagtratraffic kaya naglakas-loob ako. yup, macapagal is a nice place to run, but I still avoid it at night because it’s not well lit and too many lonely stretches.

  6. the mountains are all yours for the running joe.where there are no cars but wide roads we can have all by ourselves. see you on the road.

  7. Hi Doc, continue inspiring us with your (mis)adventures .. he he, hope to join you in one of your long runs, btw are you doing the NB run?

  8. jonel… that was a great run! with great views to boot! see you tom!

    sundaywarrior… yup, will be doing 25k. sama ka sa amin nina bugobugo, siguradong mapapalaban ka sa long runs hehehe 😀

  9. from roxas blvd, you can go to MOA passing through PICC and go around MOA grounds and back to roxas blvd. i tried that once. thanks for reminding me that nice movie. see you at the races.

  10. hey BR, yup. I occasionally run that route. Sometimes to extend it, I would run in Diosdado Macapagal until it ends somewhere in Paranaque (where it it eventually merges with the Coastal Road). This was the 1st time though that I went beyond EDSA along Roxas Boulevard.

    great run this morning BR, congrats on the new PR!

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