Takbong May Yabang and Paa-bilisan: Back2Back II

Two races, one weekend, 2 outcomes.

BOTAK Paa-bilisan

Sunday. After the debacle I had yesterday, I was having second thoughts about joining this race. I was afraid I was still sore from Saturday’s run and that I’d run this race a lot more poorly. However, since I was already registered (c/o Master Mon of Happy Feet — many thanks!), I decided to suck it all up and run this race. Besides, I’ve never done a back to back run yet so this would be a nice chance for me to do so.

I was originally planning to run from my place to the Fort. However, I woke up later than planned, and since I didn’t want to be late (I still had to find Master Mon to get my race packet), I decided to commute up to EDSA-Buendia. It was there that I started my warm-up jog to the Fort.

I arrived at the Fort in good time, found Master Mon, got my packet and looked for Jonel (bugobugo85), who was very kind in allowing me to leave my bag in his car (many thanks too!). I was contemplating in running with my bag on, but I decided to run bare to allow my back a little rest… and, I was also looking for a chance at redeeming myself.


Together with Jonel and his nephew Nico, we proceeded to the starting area where we were herded inside the starting chute. Unlike other races where participants are segregated depending on the race distance they were running, all the runners (3k, 5k, 10k) were all lumped together so it was a little bit chaotic. Also, the starting time for the 5k and 10k was the same so when the starting gun fired off, I found myself engulfed by a horde of runners. Though, it was a great sight seeing hundreds of runners, mostly dressed in the orange kit of BOTAK, as they ascended the street towards Essensa… it sure made running in the start a bit difficult. I had started out in the back so I had to be a little creative in weaving and dodging other runners as I tried to pick up my pace.

At the Essensa area, I was surprised to see the leaders already coming back… I then realized that the turn-around point was already nearby. When I got there, I couldn’t suppress a smile as I saw a lot of people all bunched up all clamoring for a blue string. The two marshals handing them out were definitely overwhelmed by all those people. Lucky for me, I found one string on the ground so I picked it up and went on my merry way.

The route was two loops of the designed course. I think it was a very nice course as it provided just enough of a challenge. After the 1st loop, as the 5k runners were peeling off to the finish, the roads suddenly cleared up providing ample space for the 10k runners. During this loop, since I was out to redeem myself, I attacked the hills as others were beginning to slow down. I rode the downhills utilizing gravity to further increase my pace. I was passing a lot of runners as I continued to maintain my relatively fast pace. I even sprinted the last 150 meters as I approached the finish line. I crossed the finish line with an unofficial time of 52:09 — not overwhemlingly fast, but it was still a sweet redemption run for me 😀

The Finish

At the finish area, I got to see/chat with MarkFB, Charlie, George, Wilbert and Vener among others. Jonel, who broke his 10k PR in this race, proceeded to run another 10k after the race, not minding that the sun was already shining brightly at that time. I’m still a bit less hardcore than he is so I begged off when he invited me to join him… maybe next time lakay…

Race Organization

The run was generally ok. There are just few points where they can improve at:

  • segregate the runners depending on their race distance
  • different starting times for the 3k, 5k, 10k and so on races
  • set a farther 1st string dispensing area –> it was just too chaotic in this race
  • make the water stations more visible, and have more marshals distribute the drinks
  • less strings please –> I think a total of 5 strings were given at various points of the route

This was one great running weekend. Though my 1st back to back races showed contrasting results, I mostly had fun in both of them.  Maybe instead of having simultanaeous runs during Sundays, some of the races could be scheduled on a Saturday instead. I do sure hope there will be more weekends like this in the upcoming weeks! 😀


17 thoughts on “Takbong May Yabang and Paa-bilisan: Back2Back II

  1. nice run indeed and nice meeting you! i agree that there should be different starting times for 3K, 5K and 10K. the road was crowded and you have to zigzig your way on the first few kilometers.

  2. sana they have afternoon races also di ba. at korek! the strings was really chaotic, riot talaga.

    congrats on your back to back.

  3. Congratulations, great comeback from the previous day? What made the huge difference? Could it have been the backpack?

    Duda ko talaga may weights yang backpack mong yan. 🙂

  4. Hi Joe! I thought I saw you sa race! ‘Twas too chaotic nga kaya I don’t get to say hi na to the people I know before it started :O)

    May dag dag pa. More mashalls para hindi na tayo makikipag patintero sa mga kotse! hehehe :O)

  5. hi!

    ibetlacbay… nice meeting you too! 😀

    bards… yup. i prefer running in the afternoons too. sana we’d have those types of races here 😀 thanks!

    DATC… hehehe wala naman 😀 hmmm I think I ran better because I had a shorter warm-up, the Fort roads are asphalt, my mindset then was to run faster, and of course, I felt lighter without the bag 😀 you should have run back to back too 😀

    doralicious… oo nga, didn’t see you or bards at the race… see you in the next races! 😀

  6. Joe, you are amazing! Two races in two days. I haven’t done that in awhile. I think it was four years ago when I last did that!

    Anyway, congratulations on the back to backs. As always, great posts and comparisons.

    I’ll see you soon! Looking forward to that training run.

  7. Hi Doc Joe,

    Surprisingly both my feet are ok after the run. I did have some calf pain on the right, probably from breaking hard due to this overtaking runner. Thanks for the medical advice on my cough, punta na ako mamaya. I reached 1000km that day and hope to get the “shirt” soon. : ) Im happy with my 48 min finish, its been 3 months since I last had that time. Too much paddling is bad for running. hehehe I bet you would run faster if you didnt have to run to the race site or lug around your bag. See you at the next race.


  8. any time ,all the time joe.that means a.t.a.t. as in hardcore.they built those races back to back and sino naman tayong aayaw di ba? we are just human and we can’t help but oblige to the whims of our itchy feet.till the next back to back my man.

  9. Joe, you’re pushing yourself nowadays, huh. Pang ultra na talaga ang loonyrunner. I recall sometime last year Intrasports is organizing an afternnon run to be followed by party at night. I don’t know if that pushed thru. Maybe race organizers will come to this gimmick pretty soon. Good luck bro.

  10. Hi Loony — great 2nd run. Looks like you get stronger as you run — as you described in your part 1! Congrats. Hopefully, I get to meet you and the other runner-bloggers on Sunday at the OctobeRun.

  11. hello!

    mark… those were the coolest looking shoes I’ve ever seen! seems they do work well for running too… welcome to the club! BR might give the shirts away this Sunday 😀 hope your cough gets better already, I’m sure you’ll run faster without it… ummm, maybe I’ll run faster without those, but then its not my aim right now, maybe after the bataan102, I’ll focus a bit on training more for speed. But till then… it’s all long runs for me! 😀

    bugobugo… agree. basta may patakbo, asahan nila punta tayo hehehe

    run unltd… yup. wala na tong atrasan, go ultra! hehehe thanks… hope afternoon races do become a reality 😀

    johnny… thanks! see you on Sunday! 😀

  12. Hi Doc nice bumping into you this morning, well my run didn’t turn out so well, I bonked out on my way back from MOA, dunno why and it was so hot at 8:00 am

  13. dr joe, i’ll be awarding your 1,000-Km Club Finisher’s T-shirt, together with MarkFB & Bards, this coming Sunday after the 4th October Run at The Fort. Congrats and Nice Back2Back runs this weekend. See you soon!

  14. hi!

    sundaywarrior… nice meeting you too! must be the heat. it has really been warm the past few days. have fun in France! 😀

    BR… thanks BR! will look for you after the race… though di ba magtake 2 tayo nina bugobugo85? see you this Sunday!

  15. Hi joe. I want to forward our picture today at Octoberun in baldrunner’s booth. can you email me? thanks.


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