Meeting People

I haven’t been joining races in the metro in awhile and the Adidas KOTR was a perfect race to re-join the running masses. I got to see/meet a lot of people during that race 😀

At the start

Ben (Photographer on the Run) – with a new haircut

Hannah Romawac (Session Road Band lead vocals) – she was my classmate in elementary up in Baguio, haven’t seen her in awhile

Rio – sporting an all Nike outfit 😀

During the Race

Dindo (runningDATCom) – paced me the whole race


Jay (prometheuscometh)

Mesh (myironshoes)

Jonel (bugobugo85)

sir jovie (baldrunner)

At the Finish

Marga (thechangelingchild)

Jaymie (thebullrunner)

Veneer (run unlimited)

Eric (passion runner)

hector, neville (of pinoy ultrarunners)

bards (bananarunning) – nice pic, thanks!


Gene and Allan – my alabang running buddies

Cielo – who I met in line for the nature’s valley crackers

See more of you in the next races!


10 thoughts on “Meeting People

  1. Baliktad yata, you paced me diba. By the way, I never got the giveaways since I got stuck in the finish line chute the whole time taking pictures and chatting with other runners….what were the freebies?

  2. Hi Loonyrunner! Like you I was able to meet a lot of people during races and hopefully we could meet. Congrats btw to your long 10K run.

  3. hi!

    DATC… there weren’t many freebies, just a warm bottle of 100plus and those crackers… wala na! Kaya buti na din you just stayed at the finish chute, dami mo pics! hehehe

    PC… will be running BOTAK sa fort 😀

    ibetlacbay… thanks! see you in future races!

  4. dr joe, for the record, you are the first recipient of the “BR’s 1,000-Km Club” Finisher’s T-shirt. please give me the hospital/address where you are working. my staff can bring the t-shirt to you. just a leave a comment in my blog. congrats!

  5. Joe, I can’t wait to see you and all my friends. However, I must admit that I’m looking forward to see Ben and the new haircut.

    Just a little over three weeks!

  6. hello!

    run unltd… see you!

    BR… wow! this is great news! para it won’t be too much of a hassle, I can just get it na lang after one of the races. thanks BR! 😀

    SFrunner… see you soon!

  7. dr joe, unfortunately, team baldrunner brought all the finisher’s t-shirts to albay for the my mayon trail run and the t-shirt could not be given to you this weekend. i hope i’ll be able to personally give it to you after the 4th October Run with the Fort Striders next Sunday at The Fort. of course, with the proper photo-ops!

  8. hey BR… no problem. I’ll see you next Sunday, good luck on the Mayon Trail Run… thanks again! 😀

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