Milo Baguio 21k Eliminations

Inspite of the ever-worsening pollution, the uncontrolled urbanization… hands-down, Baguio City is still the best place to have a run! I completed the 21.01 km (according to my garmin) Baguio leg of the Milo Marathon series this morning, and it was a blast! I finished with an unofficial time of 1:56:06 with an average pace of 5:31 min/km. A lengthier recap to follow in the upcoming post πŸ˜€


15 thoughts on “Milo Baguio 21k Eliminations

  1. astig conquered the pollution and squatters as well plus the hills of loakan,see you at the kotr.

    can’t wait to exorcise the ghost of my baguio runs!

  2. Great time! The weather must be gooooood! Not this damn init-ulan-init-ulan that’s got my sinuses bothered. Ayusin natin yung ling run natin when you get back!

  3. hello!

    bugobugo… it was one great run! didn’t notice those other factors much while I was running πŸ˜€

    PC… the weather up there is lamig-ulan-lalong lumamig type of weather hehehe yup, long run time!

    run unltd, SFrunner… thanks!

    see you guys at the KOTR! πŸ˜€

  4. hey DATC… thanks! i think the colder weather helped keep my body temp in check… kaya i was able to maintain running at that pace πŸ˜€

  5. muy bien, loony!

    just a thought and taking it off from what bugobugo may have suggested, why not come up with an annual LOAKAN WOODS RUN twing All Saints/Souls Day. That is while the mystical Loakan Road has its charm…

  6. Congratulations! no wonder we have not seen you for a while you where up north. and 21.01km finally they got the distance right this time.

  7. hello!

    junC… thanks!

    mikey… hmmm nice suggestion… so kelangan night run to hehehe

    runningshield… thanks! Another runner with a 405 measured the route at 20.88 km, still close enough to 21k πŸ˜€ yup, that’s why I missed the Alabang race last Sunday. Will try to be there on the 18th.

    sundaywarrior… thanks! I think it was because of my excitement that helped push me to finish the race πŸ˜€

  8. one thing scarier than the spooks of loakan is the thought that squatters may eventually scare them away. with that, we lose loakan forever.

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