KOTR: A Dilemma

One of the highly anticipated runs this October is the Adidas King of the Road on Oct 11 at the Fort. I got a pretty good idea how anticipated this run is when I went to Trinoma this morning to register for the race. I was planning to join the 21k but when I got there, the Adidas store had run out of bib numbers for that distance. The guy ahead of me in the line had gotten the last 14 bibs! All they had left were for the 10k distance. According to the store clerk, it was still possible to register for the 21k, but I had to come back after a few days when the new stock of bibs would be arriving. Since I didn’t want to go all the way back there a second time, I just decided to register for the 10k distance.

Now the dilemma… I really wanted to run the 21k distance on Oct 11, so what am I going to do then? My options are: 1) to still run the 21k as a “bandit” with my 10k bib; or 2) I can do my own 20k beforehand then try to test myself to see if I can still run a relatively quick 10k after… hmmmm πŸ˜€


16 thoughts on “KOTR: A Dilemma

  1. hi jinoe! oo nga, just checked her blog… oh well…
    yup, mas exciting nga yun but I’m having second thoughts kung kakayanin ko ba hehehe πŸ˜€

  2. Hey loonyrunner,
    What’s better is you go for what your heart desire. You could inquire at the RACE office re: your queries. Look for Ms. Thelma at tel. no. 727-9987. Next week seems to be a busy sked for you, but don’t worry, malayo pa naman ang race.

    See you then,
    Vener – run unltd.

  3. hello!

    nora… thanks for the info! Hope you get to register for the 10k πŸ˜€

    vener… yep. What matters is I got the nice singlet (which fits nicely) and that I get to run in that race πŸ˜€ thanks for the info too!

  4. hey joe,

    sarap gamitin yung kotr singlets yesterday with jay aka pc. and panindigan mo na ang pagkabandido mo,do the 21k kotr with your 10k bib hehehe.ayos din yung LOST BANDIDOS running club kung sakali.sana ok sked mo sa 12oct para gawin natin nina pc yung long run mo roxas to roxas via bhs/villamor.pc is good to go.let us know.thanks.

  5. hey jonel… uh-oh…I’m on duty on the 12th. The only way I can join you guys is kung mag-umpisa tayo ng maagang-maaga. Hmmm… will decide on race day what to do πŸ˜€

  6. Hi Joe. It’s too bad about the dilema. I’ve been reading this on other blogs. I’m always a little skeptical with stuff like this. Anyway, hope you do well in the 10K. Thanks for e-mailing me. I’m excited about a training run with you while there.

  7. bhs-villamor-naia3-airport road-moa-world trade-buendia-kalayaan-bhs

    kaya kaya?

    may naisip ako—BROD FEET. the running bandits.

  8. Hi, Joe. Thanks for the very wonderful news that you posted in my blog. I talked with Mr. B just now. Yes, I did win in my age category! Will go to Greenhills tomorrow to win my prize. SAyang, couldn’t stay long last Saturday. Hope to stay longer in future races so we could pose for some pictures.

  9. hello!

    taki… decided to run the 21k πŸ˜€ bilis mo!

    nora… congratulations! yup, you should stay longer after races, i’m sure you’ll be winning more races! πŸ˜€

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