Raising Hope

There were two runs scheduled yesterday, the PMI run in Diliman, and the Raising Hope Charity Run at the Rockwell Center in Makati. The PMI run is a race with two set distances, 5 kms and 10 kms. The Raising Hope Charity Run is a fun run where participants just run as long as they want, with no set distances.

I had set my eyes on running the PMI, however, I woke up later than planned… so I decided to just run to Rockwell, and join the Raising Hope Run. So I packed my things, dressed in my running kit, ate a few slices of bread… and went out the door.

It was still quite early, so the air was a little bit cool, I think cooler than usual… an indication that we’re now fast approaching the Christmas season 😀 When I took my 1st running steps, I felt that there was something wrong. My legs were heavy… they felt tired. After running slowly for 2 kilometers, I was already thinking on going on a walking break… it felt as if I was running during the end of one of my runs, rather than just starting. Was it because it was a cool morning so my muscles were more stiff? — but I’ve ran in colder environments and those runs started out ok — or I didn’t have enough warm-up? — but I’ve already jogged 2 kilometers and my legs were getting heavier with every step — or was I just plain tired?  At that point, I contemplated stopping and just jog back home…

I was about to turn around when a thought suddenly came to my mind… why not use this run to test myself. I rationalized that what I’m feeling now would probably be how I’d be feeling at some point of the Bataan Run (I’m hoping that when it comes, it would be near the end), that there would come a point where I’d be so tired that I’d want to quit. So I wanted to find out if I could push myself, to go beyond being tired and continue to move on… with that thought… I slogged on forward…

Of course I was moving at a slower pace than usual but the important thing was I was still going on. As I put 1 foot in front of the other, I made a deal with myself… I divided my route into segments, and every time I’d reach the end of a segment I’d assess whether I could still go on… if I think I can’t, it would be ok to stop and go home. To my surprise, as I passed each segment, I began to pick up my pace and felt more comfortable… and before I knew it, I was in Rockwell! 😀

I quickly registered, got my baller id and breakfast stub, and joined the group of people who were already running in the road around Rockwell. During my 1st turn, I saw Master Mon (of Happy Feet) and I joined him run around the vicinity of the mall. Being around other people running seemed to have invigorated my spirit and body… as I didn’t feel as tired as before. After 4 loops ( a loop was ~650m), I decided to end my run here since I still had to run back to Manila after. I went up the finishing ramp where I saw, and had a small chat with Taki (who was celebrating his 1st year anniversary in joining running activities – congratulations!) and his friend Milo. I got my share of the food (bread, pansit, eggs, coffee and a chocolate bar), ate it (except the bar — I’m saving it for after another run day) and prepared to continue my run back to Manila.

Bouyed by the food, and the energy of all those people running, I was able to run to Manila without much problems. When I checked my garmin, I was able to cover 19.48 km — not bad considering I almost quit at the start. And though I felt tired, I felt good… I was happy with the thought that I was able to push myself, knowing that these kind of tests will help me prepare for the rigors of the Bataan Run next year 😀


10 thoughts on “Raising Hope

  1. Last post, parang anak ni baldrunner….
    This time, parang kapatid ni Dean Karnazes…staying in the moment, never thinking about the entire distance, just thinking about putting one foot in front of the other…Galing Joe, kaya mo yan!!!!

  2. way to go joe. let’s pile up the miles. i am looking forward to the christmas break. i am planning to run ambuklao to kayapa for my lsd’s.para di naman puro kain ang christmas.

  3. hello!

    levy… hehehe ultrarunner wannabe e hehehe thanks!

    bugobugo… wow! that’s pretty far. but that would be one nice run! 😀

  4. that’s a good name for a running group-turtle wannabes.run,rest and walk to simulate the ultra.plus na lang ang pine tree scented air and views.i have tried it via my truck and the roads are cemented A1.and the views are nakaka high.

    btw, sir jovie posted a note asking if you want his staff to register you for the milo finals as a bandit.i said yes for myself.let him know if you want too so there will be 3 confirmed bandits hehe.

  5. loony, nice run with the proper attitude! welcome to the world of “crazy” people. sometimes, you have that kind of feeling before you pick-up your pace but once you start to sweat, the problem now is when to stop! go! go! go! ultra!

    bugo2x, isama mo ako diyan sa plano mo from ambuklao to kayapa!

  6. hello!

    bugobugo… that’s a nice name… ipa patent na! hehehe will send him a note para he can “register” me too, thanks! 😀 btw, sama mo daw si BR sa takbo mo sa ambuklao! if my schedule permits, sama din ako! hahaha

    BR… i agree, you do need to be a little “crazy” to be doing this hehehe

  7. i have done the run.com pero di ko makita ang ambuklao to kayapa.i am mentally calculating how far but what the heck, i will just run it with my garmin.
    yes sir jovie, this coming sem break or christmas break,i plan to do the ambuklao-kayapa and if my legs will permit,up to aritao na hehehe.and siyempre yung pampagana na city hall to saytan.looking at runners world ultimate ultramarathon training, i can see back to back 4 hour runs on weekends-5 hours even.pa reckon ko yung ruta this weekend sa tao ko sa baguio then i will make a report to you guys.
    game na ba ang trio los bandidos?let’s get crazier than dean crazy-nares.

  8. bugobugo… that’s a lot of running! masyado sigurong mabundok yung route kaya di lumabas sa run.com, baka sa google earth mismo lumabas. yup, game na game na! hehehe 😀

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