Shrinking Metro

When I started to run regularly for 2 hours (average distance of 20kms), I was initially content in running within the vicinity of where I worked. So I’d go to Intramuros, run some loops… then proceed to the Quirino Grandstand, to run more loops. My alternate route would be to run to the SM Mall of Asia, where… you guessed it right… I’d run some loops! After sometime, running around loops just gets too monotonous, hence too boring. So to shake it up a little, I decided to take a different route during my run the other day.

I brought out my map of Metro Manila, and plotted my planned course. I then prepared myself up, and went out for my run. The course I ran: I started out in Padre Faura St. in Manila, ran through Roxas Boulevard, then the CCP area. I ran the whole length of Buendia Avenue starting from the Manila Film Center up to where it ends in EDSA. I then crossed EDSA via the MRT overpass, proceeded to the Fort Area, ran through McKinley Road, and entered Ayala Ave by crossing EDSA again. From there, I went back to Buendia and re-traced my steps back to Padre Faura. Yup, it was still a loop… but at least it was a very BIG loop!

my route

my route

All in all, I ran a distance of 25.03 km, passing through 4 cities… Manila, Pasay, Makati and Taguig. By going through these places on foot, I’ve realized that the Metro doesn’t seem that large anymore… that I can reach many of the major areas just by running. For example, I’ve decided that if I were to join a race in the Fort, instead of going there by motorized transport, I can just run and be there in an hour. It would be less stressful, more economical, and it would serve as a nice pre-race warm-up.

By going around the cities on foot, I began to appreciate more the differences between them. One example can be highlighted by Buendia Avenue… where the disarray and seeming chaos of the Pasay side of Buendia, gives way to the organization and seemingly cleaner Makati side… it’s like entering a time warp! The area closest to Pasay serves as the transition zone, but once you reach Ayala Avenue, it’s now a different world. The trees seem greener, the buildings cleaner.

the start of buendia -- with the skyscrapers of makati in the horizon

the start of buendia -- with the skyscrapers of makati in the horizon

buendia pasay

buendia pasay

entering makati

entering makati

buendia makati

buendia makati

EDSA buendia

EDSA buendia

the fort

the fort

RCBC tower

RCBC tower

It was a fun experience running all those kilometers. I’m now studying my map, planning my next route as I further try to explore the Metro on foot 😀


19 thoughts on “Shrinking Metro

  1. Before you know it you will end up in Batangas, good thing you plot your route on the map first or else it might just happen that you will all of a sudden see a sign welcome in Batangas and you will have to phone your girlfriend to collect you… 🙂 Enjoy

  2. This looks a lot like the Runabout that BR talks about in his blog. Alam mo parang kayo mag-ama 🙂 Great pics, great run

  3. Loonyrunner, I have almost the same route. I have my long runs starting at Buendia, Pasay going to Buendia, Makati to McKinley and the Fort. Minsan nga parang ayoko na mag bus kasi ang bagal nila along Ayala.

  4. What time you going? I was thinking of doing the MOA to Fort myself but am sure there are so many other interesting routes out there.

  5. Wow! Complete with photos pa ang run mo. Kung gano naman kalawak ang tinatakbo mo, siya namang kipot ng sa akin. Going thru 4 cities on foot is quite an adventure. Sama mo si Wayne (SFrunner) pag dating nya.
    As for me, I’m stuck inside (sometimes outside) the park here in Philamlife Village. Takot ako sa pollution, Joe. Kaya kahit boring and monotonous na ang routine ko, I don’t dare go out (except during races of course).
    So, where do you plan to run next?

  6. Hey Joe…..thanks for giving me some ideas on some training routes while I’m there. I would say my long run in the Metro will be anywhere from 60 – 90 minutes.

    Also, neat photos. It will give me something to remember. Hope everything’s well with you. Have a good upcoming week.

  7. hello!

    bards… thanks! brave? nope… just bored! hehehe

    foreignrunner… that might still happen hehehe

    levy… hehehe actually it’s patterned after that… well, he’s one of the main sources of running info kaya siguro nagagaya ko activities niya 😀

    jinoe… yup. kung puwede nga lang sanang takbuhin na lang lahat hehehe

    PC… yup, there are a lot of side streets that have yet to be discovered! 😀 i’ll send you a message if ever i’m going metro running again soon 😀

    nora… that’s how i was when i started… but, we’re only young once so might as well be a bit adventurous 😀 yup, will invite wayne when he’s here. ummm still deciding what route to follow next…

    SFrunner… we’ll be going around the metro when you’re here… on foot! hehehe 😀

  8. Joe, try Google Earth or Wikimapia, you can better plan your distances. Nice pics, looks like you started out late afternoon and ended up past 6pm at the Fort? Mukhang derecho gimik ka na, hehe.

  9. hey DATC… thanks for the sites. Though its still easier to use my hard copy map hehehe takbo lang gimik ko e 😀

  10. naglaingmet ta tinaray mo di kalman.i am thinking of running ambuklao dam to kayapa.maganda na kalsada is like the baguio of old-older than you.bareng maka post ak tu ti pics.

  11. U can also use as your guide/map.. it will tell u the distance, elevation and, of course, the location.

    Nice Pictures! Nice Post!

  12. hi!

    bugobugo… hey, maybe pag malalakas na tayong ultra runners e we can run baguio to ambuklao to kabayan! i don’t know exactly how far that it is… but from what I can remember, it’s pretty far 😀

    lonerunner… thanks for the info… will check it out!

  13. i’m in awe of the route you took. just the thought of all those jeepneys and buses zooming by… well, someday i hope to be as brave, as baliw or like you said, as bored as you.. hahaha! idol! bow! 🙂

  14. hi sundaywarrior… thanks for the visit and comment! Will be experimenting more in the next few days 😀

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