1000 km: Completed!

It took me 6 and a half months… a failed marathon training program… a training overhaul… but I’ve finally done it… I’ve completed running cumulatively 1000km! Hmmm… so what’s next? There’s BaldRunner’s 100km challenge, the QC Marathon… and the grand goal for next year… the Inaugural Bataan Death March Memorial 100K Ultra Run! 😀


15 thoughts on “1000 km: Completed!

  1. congrats doc. wen, i am seriously thinking about doing the baguio 21k on october 5.sika ngay?

    thanks for the dog bite blog.that was really informative.btw, 2 dogs bit me at the same time way back when i was an alikutig 8 years old.and i was brought to this guy who applied suka basi on the wounds and let black stones “sipped” on the bites.well, the rest is history but as you can see i am still alive and running. but nothing more is a surefire cure than your tips but that is not to say that i am looking forward to get bitten again.

    so,dagdag na kita sa listahan ni sir jovie para sa bataan ultra ha?

    tumaray ak ala bandit on nov 30 milo finals and rio’s qc 42.

    see you doc.

  2. Hi Joe. Congratulations. You did it in spite of some obstacles.

    Yeah, I would say that Baldrunner’s 100km challenge would be something. If healthy, I’m going to attempt my first ultra, a 50km at Lake Merced next March. It’s part of a 100km that is held yearly. Take care and will see you soon!

  3. hello!

    jinoe… di pa naman. Though the that is the goal 😀

    bugobugo85… wen. I’ve already signed up for the run diay Baguio. Yeah, consider me signed up for the Bataan Death March Run. All my running now is geared towards training for that… glad you liked the post. 😀

    SFrunner… thanks wayne! 😀 good luck on the run… see you soon!

    DATC… I’m hoping the next 1000 comes faster hehehe 😀

  4. Congratulations Doc!! That was fast… I’m sure your next 1000km will be much faster since you are geared for ultra marathons.

  5. hey ! congratulations on the 1000. that’s fantastic. great job. maybe by the end of the year all we club 1000 should get together for some drinks.
    again congratulations. see you in the races

  6. hi!

    junC… thanks! 😀

    Taki… I sure hope my body’s up to it. 😀

    Patrick… thanks! That’s a great idea, we should have that get together 😀 see you in the races!

  7. hi Joe,

    Congrats on your 1,000K. Good luck on the Ultra. Looking forward to reading your progress as you train for the Bataan Run

  8. loony, congrats for finishing your 1,000 Km (1st). i suggest you continue to reach the 2,000 Km mark. I am thinking of coming up with a “1,000 Km Club” T-shirt which you deserve to wear! I asked already my staff to reserve and make some arrangements for our race bibs for us (w/ bugo2x) to run as “bandits” in the Milo Marathon Finals. good luck on your training!

  9. thanks BR! yup, targeting to reach the 2K mark this year 😀 wow! it would be great to have that shirt, parang mark of a true running addict! hey that would be nice to be running as bandits and yet end up with bibs… count me in! thanks!

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