Week 1 Done

I’ve completed week 1 of my base training program yesterday. I’ve been able to run around 20 kilometers every other day the past week. It’s been tiring, painful… and yet quite invigorating. I am enjoying my runs more now that I’m running for a certain amount of time and not a required distance. When I’m tired, I allow myself to slow down and rest… as long as I keep on moving… and this seems to be giving me more energy than usual. I’m actually already getting excited thinking where I’m going to be running next week. Keep on running! 😀


6 thoughts on “Week 1 Done

  1. Wow! Super duper hirap naman ng na-achieve mo for the past week, Joe. Kelan ko kaya kakayanin ang nagawa mo? Hmmm… hopefully before I turn 60 hah hah …

    Regarding the camcorder, I’m very sorry it didn’t pass the “Board of Directors”. The majority wants the latest model and avail of the 0% interest payable for 18 months to the credit company. I do hope you and/or your girlfriend find a buyer soon. Thanks!

  2. hey nora… kaya mo din to! just follow the program you’re using and before you know it, you’ll be running a lot more kilometers too! 😀

    it’s ok, hopefully we’ll indeed have a buyer soon… thanks!

  3. hi nora… yup, will probably run 21k. Uhmmm… go for the 10! 😀 Ganda nga nung singlets… ok, hope to see you there! 😀

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