The Fidget Factor

Last week, the hospital I worked in (RITM) had a small rummage sale. As I was looking over the books on sale, one book caught my eye and I ended up buying it for just 15 pesos (around 30 US cents).

the 30 cent book

the 30 cent book

What I like about the book is that the authors don’t claim that fidgeting alone will get you fit and healthy. Fidgeting should just be an additive to proper diet and exercise. Their premise however is that by fidgeting, or basically just moving around, you will burn up calories – and though each activity burns only a small amount, when you add it all up… it can reach as high as 1000 calories/day! And the best part is, these are activities that we already do in our daily lives. Here are a few examples:

  • walking to the TV to change the channel: 2.3 calories/minute
  • chopping raw vegetables: 2.3 calories/minute
  • washing dishes by hand: 3.1 calories/minute
  • shifting weight from foot to foot while brushing your teeth: 3.1 calories/minute
  • crossing and uncrossing legs while sitting at a desk: 2.3 calories/minute
  • window shopping: 3 calories/minute
  • browsing in a bookstore: 1.9 calories/minute

So in a day, if I window shop for an hour (180 calories), wash my dishes in 10 minutes (31 calories) and browse in a bookstore in an hour (~120 calories) – I would’ve burned an extra 330 calories – almost the amount in one Big Mac!

Something related was sent by one of our consultants, and it’s a good read (click beh-bote-nga).

Fidgeting is probably one of the reasons why Michael Phelps can burn off all those food he consumes. Aside from his training, because of his ADHD, he probably moves a lot – burning off more calories. So to be like Mike… FIDGET!


2 thoughts on “The Fidget Factor

  1. Hi Joe! I find this post really interesting. So I hope you don’t mind that I’m linking to it. If you do, batukan mo na lang ako the next time you see me at a race. Mabilis ka naman tumakbo. I’m sure mahahabol mo ako.

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