Daang Hari

I ran part of this route (though I’m not really sure if it’s Daang Hari, I just followed instructions given by DATC and JunC) yesterday morning. I was only able to reach until the Portofino area since I already had to go back to avoid being late for work 😀

Daang Hari seems to be a very long road… making it an ideal route where to do those long runs. It’s mostly flat and well-paved. If you run early in the morning, you’ll be shielded from the rising sun’s rays by the tall talahibs that line some parts of the road, by the high walls of Ayala Alabang and other subdivisions, and by trees in some areas.

The downside though is that there are a lot of vehicles passing through this road, so you get to suck in some of their fumes when you breathe. The presence of trees hopefully minimizes this though. There are also no sidewalks in some areas, forcing you to run on the road making it a little bit more dangerous. Also, there aren’t any houses near the road so there aren’t places to ask for help when needed.

Daang Hari generally seems to be a nice route to run on. However, I don’t recommend running it when it gets dark, due to the reasons stated above. Hopefully, I’ll get the chance to run it again, maybe going farther and seeing where the road leads to 😀


8 thoughts on “Daang Hari

  1. Hi, yes that was Daang Hari. You’ll hit SM Molino at the major intersection, although if you keep going, you’ll eventually end up at Aguinaldo Highway. You can run straight to Tagaytay, it’s about 50km from Town Center 🙂 I read in Run Pinay Run’s blog that there is a place to get pan de sal and coffee somewhere in Daang Hari for a pit stop, but I can’t recall having seen this before. As for the traffic, I simply run on the opposite side of the road (but I must admit I’ve never run through Daang Hari, just bike). One of the Happy Feet people, Don I think runs this route regularly.

  2. hey DATC… hmmm 50km… good route for a marathon/ultra 😀 Didn’t see that place too, baka it’s farther than what I ran. Will look for it next time I get the chance to run the road. Thanks for the info 😀

  3. yup yup that’s daanghari! 🙂

    medyo masakit lang pag takbo dyan kasi cement diba? but it’s heaven for us cyclists! 🙂

  4. hey marga… yup, semento nga siya. Pero it’s still a nice place to run. Dami ko ngang nakitang cyclists that morning 😀

  5. Ingat lang, high-speed cars — that’s where Honda Cars Alabang service centre test-drives their vehicles.

    Rolling terrain is nice though, it’s the favourite long-run locale of our race friend Victor Lim who would start from Las Pinas.

  6. hey miraclecello… how was Beijing? yup, kaya I’d advice this route for morning runs only. Layo nun a, mula Las Pinas! 😀

  7. Well, it was a marathon, not a sprint, in the words of our athletics specialist. I saw you running at the Diosdado Macapagal today on my morning commute, you were south-bound past PNB and before the bridge and wearing a Runnex singlet 🙂

  8. hey MC… uy, ako nga yun! squeezed in a run before work 😀 just read your exploits in beijing, sounds tiring… but seems well worth it 😀

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