Becoming a Runner

Sometime ago, after months of being bored to death about my stories about running, my girlfriend eventually decided to also take up the sport. Thus began my dabbling into coaching… (to read previous post, click here).


  • she can now run 50 minutes straight! When we began, she used to complain and get mad at me when we ran beyond 1 minute… now, we’re up to 50 minutes of continuous running!
  • she sprints at the end of our runs… she reasons, “parang bitin kasi yung takbo pag walang sprint sa dulo”…
  • she now looks at sporting stuff too… before, when we’d go around the mall and come across a sporting store, she’d ask me… “Aren’t you going to look?” And when we’d go inside, she’d just follow me as I looked around. Now, when she asks me that question and we’d go inside a store, she leaves my side, goes to the female section and starts looking at the clothes and shoes…
  • she surfs for running related stuff… aside from the sites she usually visits, she now visits running related sites! Just the other time, she was looking at the Nike website determining what shoes they’re suggesting for her foot type, which she found out in another site…
  • she gets disappointed when we don’t get to run

At present, we’re still in base-building mode, so the plan is to further increase the length of our runs before we incorporate some speed into her training. I’ve been broaching the idea of her joining races in the future but, as of now, it’s not something she’s considering… because she doesn’t want to wake up early just to join a race. Of course that’s what she said also about running, that she’d never take it up… so maybe, there’s still hope she’ll change her mind 😀


6 thoughts on “Becoming a Runner

  1. Ayos. It’s fun running with your loved one. At first ganun din gf ko. She started running with the kids at 3K. Then she registered for a 5K and told me she would never run a 10K. Ngayon, sumasama na sa 10K and says she wont be running more than that. We’ll see…

    Enjoy the run and most of all, enjoy the company. 😀

  2. Joe, I’m so happy for you and your girlfriend! Remember, patience is important here. Anyway, I know you know. Take care and have a good weekend!

  3. hello!

    jinoe… yup. it’s the company I enjoy the most 😀

    SFrunner… thanks! Have a nice weekend too!

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