Nike: Limitless

I got to join the Nike Lunar test run last Saturday (many thanks to Coach Rio and Nike!). However, I arrived a bit late at the Nike store at BHS, hence, when I was in line to get a Nike Lunar shoe, I was disappointed to find out that they no longer had a pair in my size (of course, it was all my fault!). I had to “settle” for what was available… the Nike Limitless. When I tried the shoe on, my disappointment immediately turned to excitement! As my foot slid into the shoe, it just felt great. The fit was just right, and when I took my 1st step, it was heaven! (sorry for the exaggeration 😀 )

After receiving the shoe and singlet, together with the other runners there, we ran a couple of loops around BHS to test our shoes. Though it was just a short run, it provided me a little insight on how the shoe works.

on the go!

on the go!

What I Liked About the Shoe

  • it’s lightweight (very light!)
  • the fit.
  • it provides ample comfort. The soles provide great cushioning that it seems as if there’s less impact when my feet strike the ground.

What I Didn’t Like About the Shoe

  • nothing really… 😀

What OTHER People Might Not Like About the Shoe

  • it does not provide adequate stability. The shoe is so responsive that it may enhance problems in your footstrike. If you’re an overpronator, you may tend to overpronate more, if you’re a supinator, you supinate more.
  • it has a narrow toe box. The shoe I got was a half size larger than my usual, but it still felt snug. Some people with wider feet may have problems with the fit.

In the afternoon, I got to test the shoe some more when my girlfriend and I did a nice run in their village. Some of her comments:

  • when I ran, it seemed my form was better than usual…
  • my running seemed effortless…
  • every time I took a step, it seemed I was bouncing…
  • and the colors reminded her of Royal Tru-Orange 😀

The Shoe:

(I wore the shoe in this morning’s Red Cross Run… more on that on the next post)


8 thoughts on “Nike: Limitless

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  2. I tried it on the other day and I have a wide foot. It is such a pitty as I am looking for another light running shoe. I have the NB (yellow shoe) and quite happy with it but look for a second one. Anyway, will keep my flat foot for myself and try snowboards, maybe they will fit me better… KEEP FIT!!!

  3. hi ForeignRunner… wait for the Nike Lunar. From what I’ve heard, it’s got a nice wider toebox 😀

  4. I’ve been running on a pair of Limitless for more than 2 years now, have been on the look out for a replacement pair but to no avail despite having bought a few pairs of other models.

    Since you liked the limitless, have you managed to come across any other Nike+ models that feel just as light as these to recommend? 😀


    hi there! I’ve also been looking for any shoe that’s similar to the limitless… but I haven’t found 1 either. Too bad nike seems to have discontinued that line. It was the best shoe!

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