Alabang Running

Though I’ve been stuck in Alabang this month, I’ve still been able to squeeze in some runs after work. The hospital where I work (RITM) is near a project being developed by the Filinvest corporation. The area is still underdeveloped, but what’s great is that the road system was one of the 1st things they put in place. The roads are well-paved with asphalt and the surrounding areas are covered with greeneries. The area is also a little hilly so giving me ample areas to do my hill running. The only problem is that the area is not well-lighted so my runs have been limited to just a little over 1 hour… I sure don’t want to get stuck in an unfamiliar place when it gets dark…

With the help of my garmin, I’ve been able to measure the distances of my routes so I’ve been able to designate areas where I can do my tempo runs and speed intervals. While doing my tempo run this afternoon, I got to meet (for the 2nd time) and run with two other runners, Gene and Allan – two strong runners who are also frequent visitors of the various blogs. The area is their home base and by running with them, it was a good breakΒ  for me from running alone. And since we were running at the same pace, we were able to push each other to continue running at our common pace. The benefits of group running!

Although I’m having a good time running in the hilly, well-paved, fresh-aired areas of Alabang, I still sometimes miss being in Manila especially now that I’ve missed every race that has been held the past few weeks! The only upside to this is that I’m able to rest myself and hopefully be stronger when I do get the chance to race again… keep on running!


14 thoughts on “Alabang Running

  1. gene here my friend…

    it is a good running with you my friend… i felt good after the run we were able to do tempo instead… that was my first tempo since the milo marathon and im very happy i dinnt feel any pain this time. that 100 peso that i spoted on the run, haha is a good bonus we bought bottle of gatorade after te run… good bonus indeed…

    hydrates well

  2. hey gene… yup, it was nice running with you guys. Talas nga ng mata mo, we were already running at tempo and yet you spotted that 100 peso bill on the ground πŸ˜€ see you around…

  3. Olvis and loonyrunner…you don’t see bills on the ground very often. I’ll see occasional coins but no bills.

    Joe, good that you’re okay. I’ll send you an e-mail soon. Take care.

  4. Running in Alabang is the best! But I wouldn’t dare run by myself in the area you described, it’s just so deserted….if anything happens to you there, walang makakakita o makakadinig. If you’re up for a long run, try Daang Hari, it’s a few minutes away from where you are.

  5. hello!

    sfrunner… yep, that guy was just eagle-eyed to have spotted the hundred bill on the ground πŸ˜€

    DATC… its the reason why when it begins to get dark, I would already trot towards the Festival Mall or back to RITM. And in the area where I run, there are roving guards so it’s quite safe πŸ˜€ hmmm… how do I get to Daang Hari? The farthest I’ve been is around the ATC area…

  6. Hi Looneyrunner,

    Agree with DATC. I think you can take the road going to ATC then you’ll pass by two AAVI gates then left. Teka, di ako tiga Alabang baka mali pa yung masabi ko, mawala ka pa. πŸ™‚ Are you joining any of the 3 events this Sunday? See you again soon.

  7. From the road dividing ATC and Ayala Alabang (Commerce Avenue I think), just head south about 1.5 kms until you reach the end where you have to either turn left or right. Turn left to Daang Hari and follow the road, you’ll end up at SM Molino and pass several villages along the way including Verdana Homes and other developments.

  8. hello…

    Great run!… your busy schedule must have gotten on you so aren’t able to join any race the past few weeks… Do you know or have you heard about the Nike human race this coming Aug 31? Im trying to get some info on that race. Hope to run with you again… Happy running!.

  9. hi!

    junC… I haven’t registered for any of the races but I’ll probably go to the Fort on Sunday. Malamang sa Men’s Health run madami artista hehehe

    DATC… I think I’ve seen that road you and junC are talking about. Pero I go right instead of left ending up in the Alabang-Zapote road. I’ll go left the next time I run there… thanks for the info! Hey, hope to see you on the road πŸ˜€

    ibanrunner… for more info on the Nike Human Race, you can check out The Bull Runner’s, Passion Runner’s or RunRio’s blogs. Yup, hope to get to run with you again in future runs πŸ˜€

  10. hi joe,

    saw you at mass at the dva clubhouse. i was with my family and we were seated in front of you. i think you were with your girlfriend. we said peace to each other but i don’t think you recognized me πŸ™‚ was gonna say hi after the mass but then you left right away. mabilis talaga si loonyrunner. hope to see you soon.

  11. hey levy… sabi ko na you looked familiar e! I just couldn’t place it. Sorry about that… yup. I was with my girlfriend awhile ago, we just had a nice run before mass πŸ˜€ see you soon!

  12. hi nora… I haven’t ran that route yet. Can’t try it yet kasi I only get to run after 5 pm, and I don’t want to be in a faraway, unknown place when it gets dark. If I do get to check it out, I’ll post about it πŸ˜€

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