No Blog Posts

I haven’t been able to post anything new the past few days… I’ve been banished to the RITM hospital in Alabang, where I’ll be rotating for the whole month of August. And aside from being quite busy, I also don’t have any internet access there… so no blogging…

I’m hoping though that I’ll still be able to sneak in some posts once in awhile. To those who continue to visit this site, even when nothing new is posted… many thanks! 😀


8 thoughts on “No Blog Posts

  1. I was beginning to wonder where you are! Nasa Alabang ka lang pala! Missed you in the Milo Race, but even if you’re there, malamang hindi pa rin tayo nagkita. With the heavy rain and the vast crowd, imposibleng magkita (with the exception of ibanrunner and pc who both ran 42k). Anyway, enjoy your work (as if you’ve got a choice heh heh…)! Oh, thank you nga pala. Nakalusot din ako sa HAPPY FEET! Though havent met any one yet. Hopefully this Sunday at the Mommy Milkshake.

  2. hi!

    nora… congrats on your run sa milo and good luck with the training for the 10k! I’ve seen some of your posts sa group, hope you do get to meet Happy Feet on Sunday 😀

    DATC… really? I’ve been running around the area after work most afternoons… uhmmm, haven’t registered for any races this August. Baka makisilip lang ako sa Men’s Health. My next official race will probably sa Sept na… Dun sa mga Adidas KOTR events. You running Marikina?

  3. Wow, it looks pretty where you are, where is that exactly and how long will you be there for? It looks great and are there a lot of races there? All the best with the hard work and KEEP FIT

  4. Just so I’m not ignoring you, hope everything’s okay! Be;ieve I speak for everyone that we miss your blogs. Take care.

  5. hello!

    foreignrunner… yup. It’s quite nice here. The air is definitely a whole lot fresher than it is in manila. I’ll be here the whole month of August… sadly, there are no races scheduled here 😦

    sfrunner… thanks!

    lonerunner… hehehe

    marga… hope you’re all better na 😀 before KOTR e makikisilip na lang ako sa mga upcoming Sunday races…

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