My Track

For interval/speed training, it is advisable to do it in an oval track since the distances are pre-measured, making it an ideal place to run those 4×400 m splits. However, for some people like me who don’t want to pay for the use of a track, I had to find an alternative place where I can do my speed workouts. One such place is the Teodoro Valencia Circle located right in the middle of Rizal Park in Manila. Its the circle where the statue of Lapu lapu is located.

with Lapu lapu in the background

with Lapu lapu in the background

Its a 450 meter (garmin measured) oval, asphalt, and the best part, it’s surrounded by trees!



The steps to the Department of Tourism building provide an area for doing stair workouts. Though they might not be as high as those found in the bleachers of regular tracks, running up them still provides a good muscle burn.

Dep't of Tourism building

Dep't of Tourism building

And after doing those glycogen sapping runs, the area has nearby sari-sari stores where food and drinks can be purchased to re-energize those aching muscles.

a nipa sari sari store

a nipa hut sari sari store


6 thoughts on “My Track

  1. Your pics gave me an idea…you can run up the DoT building and pump your arms when you get to the top, ala Rocky Balboa. Do it to the tune of the Rocky theme playing in your Ipod πŸ™‚

  2. I like the picture of your nipa hut sari-sari store. It looks like its just about ready to dance to a hawaiian/tahitian rhythm…haha! πŸ˜‰ nice playground! At least it works.

  3. Joe, looks like a great place to do intervals. How close is Rizal Park to Paranaque City? I’ll explain it to you in an e-mail later.

    I’m a little surprised that runners are being charged for use on tracks there. Soon, it appears that a public track here called Kezar Stadium is going to have runners pay for it. A lot of it is because the track needs to be resurfaced.

  4. hello!

    DATC… nice idea πŸ˜€

    mesh… hehehe

    sfrunner… it’s a little bit far, I think. Yup, the fees received are used in the upkeep of the tracks. Our public tracks here are horrible! The public track we have in Baguio City is a dirt track!

    Good luck and congratulations on the SFO marathon!

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